Horsemaster® Pro

Horse Pasture Mixture
  • Rapid establishment
  • Dense sward
  • Low growing point -Tolerates traffic and grazing pressure
  • Excellent source of digestible fiber
  • High dry matter production
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HorseMaster Pro: The Ultimate Solution for Thriving Horse Pastures

Welcome to HorseMaster Pro, where your pasture's health meets unmatched performance. As a farmer, you know the importance of maintaining lush, durable grass for your horses to graze on. That's why we designed HorseMaster Pro specifically for horse pastures, using our expertise to develop a blend that stands up to the unique challenges horses present.

Why Choose HorseMaster Pro?

Built for Grazing and Durability

Horses are not your average grazers; they have both upper and lower teeth, allowing them to graze grass very close to the soil. What's more, their natural behavior puts a lot of traffic pressure on the grass, which can quickly turn a pasture into a patchy mess. HorseMaster Pro is formulated with this in mind, ensuring your pastures remain lush and resilient throughout the seasons.

Tailored for Different Climates

No two climates are the same, and neither are our mixtures. HorseMaster Pro offers different blends tailored for various climates, ensuring optimal growth and sustainability regardless of where your farm is located.

Premium Grass Varieties

Each mixture includes a carefully selected combination of timothy, orchardgrass, and ryegrass, chosen for their high nutritional value and durability. These premium grasses ensure that your horses have a rich, nutritious diet while maintaining a healthy pasture.

Endophyte-Free Guarantee

Endophytes can be detrimental to horse health, causing a range of issues from reduced fertility to fescue toxicosis. HorseMaster Pro is guaranteed endophyte-free, so you can rest easy knowing your horses are grazing safely.

How HorseMaster Pro Improves Your Pasture

Enhanced Grazing Experience

Think of HorseMaster Pro as the gourmet meal for your pasture. With its specialized blend, your horses get the best nutrition while the pasture stays lush and green.

Robust Growth and Resilience

HorseMaster Pro is designed to withstand the heavy traffic and close grazing typical of horse pastures. This means less time worrying about pasture damage and more time focusing on what really matters—your farm and your horses.

Climate-Specific Solutions

Whether you're in a region that faces harsh winters, hot summers, or anything in between, there's a HorseMaster Pro mixture that's right for you. Our climate-specific solutions ensure that your pasture thrives all year round.

Safe and Healthy Pastures

With our endophyte-free guarantee, your horses will graze on safe, healthy grass, reducing the risk of health issues related to endophyte exposure.