Cow in cloverfield


Pasture Renewal With Clovers
  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Increased average daily gains
  • Add quality and yield in hay, baleage, and silage
  • Weed control
  • Improved persistence and winter hardiness
  • One-pass system with fertilizer
pinpoint bag 25 lbs

Looking To ReNew The Life Of Your Pasture Or Hay Field? 

Our ReNew mixtures of red and white clovers will bring quality and yield back to your pastures and hay fields.

They have been specially formulated to bring productive legumes to your operation, and are enhanced with our Yellow Jacket seed coating. ReNew can be broadcast with your commercial fertilizer for an easy one-pass system. For quick establishment, it can be frost seeded in the winter or early spring in the northern region, or early to mid-fall months in the southern region.

Red Clover


A selection from the University of Kentucky for increased dry matter production and faster drying, Freedom! has finer stems and less pubescence (hairs) on the stem which gives it the unique characteristic and ability for faster water evaporation. Due to this faster evaporation, Freedom! is ideal for hay production because it will dry down faster reducing the loss of quality. The decreased amount of pubescence also reduces the amount of dust within the hay. Freedom! is also suited for grazing and silage.


A mid-dormancy red clover, Barduro was developed at the University of Florida for high resistance to root knot nematode. It is also drought and heat tolerant, and clearly displayed this during three years of drought trial in the southeastern United States where no other red clover survived. Barduro is competitive in stands of fescue, orchardgrass, and bermudagrass, making it an excellent choice for overseeding pastures in the southern to northern United States.

White Clover


A large leaf ladino clover that grows to medium height, Alice exhibits tremendous nitrogen- fixing capacity, benefiting its companion forage varieties. Alice is persistent and winter- hardy, making it the perfect companion for pastures in the northern United States and Canada. It also has greater stolon density, allowing for more persistence under intense grazing and traffic.


RegalGraze is a large leaf ladino clover developed at University of Georgia. Trials at UGA showed that RegalGraze has superior forage yield with more grazing tolerance than other ladino clovers. RegalGraze can be planted or seeded as a component of a pasture mixture with perennial grasses, or overseeded into established grass stands. It has no anti-quality cyanogenic glucosides, unlike some other white clovers.