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StockMaster® Pro

Multi-Purpose Forage Mixture
  • Rapid establishment
  • Improved yields
  • Persistent
  • High quality
  • Ideal for grazing
  • Now containing BarOptima +E34 & Remington +NEA2
stockmaster pro 50lb bag

Unlock the Potential of Your Pastures with StockMaster Pro from Our Master Series™

Are you looking to elevate your pastures to a whole new level of quality and performance? Introducing Stockmaster Pro, a premium pasture seed mix meticulously crafted from our exclusive Master Series™.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Seed Mix: StockMaster Pro comprises a unique blend of late maturing orchardgrass, a winter-hardy continental tall fescue, and our innovative grasses BarOptima®+E34® and Remington™+NEA2™. This powerful mix is designed to thrive even in challenging conditions, ensuring a sustainable and productive pasture.
  • Multi-Purpose Application: Whether you need a long-lasting, high-quality pasture or hay fields that deliver exceptional yields, StockMaster Pro is the versatile solution you've been searching for.
  • Grasses with Beneficial Endophytes: Our forage grasses not only focus on yield and persistence but also prioritize forage quality. By incorporating select varieties with beneficial endophytes, StockMaster Pro enhances animal performance and ultimately boosts your profitability.

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