Reducing drought stress is the key to success


Climate change is increasingly impacting agriculture. Periods of prolonged drought are becoming more the rule than the exception. In response to the changing climate, we are collaborating with ILVO (Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries, and Food Research in Belgium) on the KLIMGRAS project. The goal is to find breeds that are drought-resistant, resilient, and also optimal as livestock feed.

Differences between grass species

Under controlled conditions, we conduct trials with different grass species and breeds, including reed fescue, perennial ryegrass, Festulolium, and clover. We compare the grass species based on properties such as drought resistance, yield, digestibility, and quality. Ultimately, we evaluate the economic effect and the effect on the ecological footprint.

Climate adaptation

The research will conclude at the end of 2024. The results of the KLIMGRAS project will provide dairy farmers with tools to determine the most optimal drought-resistant strategy. In this way, we adapt to the changing climate. We're not letting the grass grow under our feet!

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Curious about this collaboration?

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