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Extraordinary tread tolerance

Resilient Blue ® uses our rock-solid RPR ® technology. RPR ® self-healing perennial ryegrass, in contrast to normal perennial ryegrass, forms runners that quickly repair possible damage. Regular perennial ryegrass does not have this property. RPR ® is very strong in recovery due to the foothills . In addition, RPR ® germinates and establishes very quickly. RPR ® turf technology and Resilient Blue ® turf technology go hand in hand and reinforce each other. A very strong resilient combination that ensures excellent tread tolerance!


High disease tolerance

Extreme weather conditions often lead to stress and high disease pressure. Due to the resilience of Resilient Blue ®, your turf is less susceptible to fungal attack and your turf will not only remain greener, but also healthier. This gives the certainty that you can play continuously. Moreover, this saves you maintenance costs, repair costs of damage and costs of pesticides.


Resilient Blue ®  performs better than standard grass seed mixtures under a low-input regime and is therefore the best solution for extensively used and maintained lawns. In short, Resilient Blue ® is the smartest solution for new sowing of a turf! This is where Resilient Blue ® technology comes into its own. It is of course also suitable for overseeding an existing turf. Please note that compared to perennial ryegrass, smooth-stalked grass generally needs a little longer to come into its own.