Mapei Soccer Stadium with Monaco elite seeded bermudagrass.


Elite Seeded Bermudagrass
  • Monaco elite bermudagrass is Yellow Jacket® enhanced for fast 'SuperCharged' germination, early establishment, and ease of handling when seeded
  • Tolerates mowing heights necessary for fairways and high-performance sports fields
  • Excellent density and wear tolerance
Product packaging for Monaco Elite Seeded Bermudagrass.

Introducing Monaco Elite Seeded Bermudagrass: The Next Generation of Excellence

Are you seeking a superior bermudagrass seed that can elevate your golf course or sports field to new heights? Look no further than Monaco Elite Seeded Bermudagrass – the next generation of bermudagrass exclusively from Barenbrug

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Unparalleled Performance and Quality

Monaco Elite Seeded Bermudagrass is designed to deliver exceptional results, offering:

  • Excellent density for a lush, carpet-like appearance
  • Exceptional wear tolerance to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • High fall color retention for an extended growing season
  • Quick spring green-up for a faster return to pristine conditions
  • High winter-hardiness for consistent performance year after year
  • Genetically darker green color for enhanced visual appeal

Trusted by Industry Professionals

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what Jean Rossouw, a satisfied customer, had to say:

It worked well, especially in the heat (Skukuza average summer temperature 90⁰F). It germinated after 6 days and I haven't seen any diseases or anything on the grass so I'm happy!

Jean Rossouw, Skukuza Golf Course, South Africa

Bred for Excellence

Monaco Elite Seeded Bermudagrass is the result of years of meticulous breeding and research. It continues the legacy founded by Riviera Bermudagrass, delivering a superior turfgrass solution that is perfect for golf courses, sports turf, and high-end lawns.

Mapei Soccer Stadium with Monaco elite seeded bermudagrass.
Monaco on Mapei Soccer Stadium, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Why Choose Monaco Elite Seeded Bermudagrass?

  • Breaking dormancy quicker and more effectively
  • Providing a high-quality turfgrass stand throughout the growing season
  • Extending the growing season with high fall color retention
  • Delivering consistent conditions year after year with durable winter hardiness

Advanced Protection with Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating

Monaco Elite Seeded Bermudagrass isn’t just known for its superior quality and performance; it also comes coated with Barenbrug’s exclusive Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating. This state-of-the-art technology offers:

  • Improved Seed Establishment: The coating promotes faster and more uniform seed germination by ensuring that each seed retains more moisture.
  • Enhanced Growth: Seedlings benefit from an early growth boost, establishing a dense and healthy turf more quickly.
  • Better Survival Rates: The coating provides the seeds with extra protection against stress, pests, and diseases, leading to higher survival rates.

Experience the Monaco Difference

Ready to take your turfgrass to the next level? Choose Monaco Elite Seeded Bermudagrass and experience the difference for yourself.