Homelawn with bermudagrass under the sun and blue sky.

PanAm Blend

Improved Bermudagrass Blend
  • PanAm bermudagrass blend is Yellow Jacket® enhanced for fast germination, early establishment, and ease of handling when seeded
  • Ideal for the improvement of older common bermudagrass turf and all 'low maintenance' bermuda turf areas and uses
  • Fine leaf texture, with moderate density, and medium green color
Product packaging for PanAm bermudagrass

PanAm Bermudagrass Blend: A High-Performance Turf Solution

Are you looking for a premium bermudagrass seed that delivers fast germination, early establishment, and ease of handling? Look no further than PanAm Bermudagrass Blend – the Yellow Jacket® enhanced turf that's perfect for professional landscapers and homeowners alike.

Why Choose PanAm Bermudagrass Blend?

  • Fast Germination: Our Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed ensures quick germination, giving you a lush, green lawn in no time.
  • Early Establishment: PanAm Bermudagrass Blend establishes itself quickly, outcompeting weeds and creating a dense, attractive turf.
  • Easy Handling: Our seed is designed for ease of use, making it simple to apply and maintain.
  • Versatile Application: Whether you're improving older common bermudagrass turf or seeding new 'low maintenance' areas, PanAm is the ideal choice.
  • Fine Leaf Texture and Attractive: Enjoy a fine texture with moderate density and a beautiful, medium green color.
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The Perfect Turf for Multiple Uses

PanAm Bermudagrass Blend is the go-to choice for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Golf fairways, tees, intermediate-roughs, and driving ranges
  • Lawns and residential landscaping
  • Green belts and parks
  • Recreational turf situations

As an economical blend of premium seeded turf-type bermudagrasses, PanAm offers strong genetic diversity. This makes it suitable for use across various warm-humid regions within the United States.

Experience the PanAm Difference

Ready to elevate your turf game? Choose PanAm Bermudagrass Blend for a high-performance, attractive, and easy-to-maintain lawn that will impress your clients or enhance your home's curb appeal.