Barenbrug USA HwH Project benefiting Linn County Animal Rescue


In February 2024, LCAR called upon the volunteers they trust, Barenbrug USA, to help with expanding their rescue program that offers proper care and shelter for animals that have been rescued.

About Linn County Animal Rescue

Linn County Animal Rescue (LCAR) is a non-riding animal rescue facility in Oregon focused on rehabilitating abused equines and providing hospice care for elderly dogs. They work closely with law enforcement and local agencies to rescue animals and ensure they find permanent, loving homes or provide lifetime care for those not adoptable due to their condition. Additionally, LCAR offers therapeutic community programs for individuals with disabilities, utilizing animals to assist in recovery and improve mental health, under the guidance of Certified Peer Support Specialist Cindy Orr.

The project

Back in 2019, our Research Farm assisted LCAR with an expansion of dog kennels for hospice dogs that were neglected or voluntarily surrendered. Since then, there has been an increase in equine law enforcement seizures or volunteer surrenders, which have increased their program by adopting some of these animals. Linn County Animal Rescue called upon the volunteers that they trust, Barenbrug USA, to help with expanding their rescue program by building an addition onto an existing barn and adding turn out pens for livestock. With 3 days / 24 hours, 3 teams / 27 Volunteers: our team stayed busy reinforcing barn walls, placement of stall mats, graveling walkways, and setting up panels for a secured turn out pen where livestock could graze or exercise.


Other tasks that the team carried out were:

  • Moving fencing and animal feed
  • Cleaning stalls
  • Showing compassion to animals by feeding, brushing, and petting them.

Our team truly enjoyed the time spent with these beautiful animals and their dedicated caretakers. We look forward to continuing our partnership with LCAR and making a positive impact as they continue to grow their program.