Sports field with rpr grass.

What is RPR?

The grass technology so unique it not only received it's own patent, it created its own subspecies to Perennial ryegrass.

If you've ever managed a heavily used playing surface, you know how important it is to have a traffic tolerant turfgrass. But traffic tolerance isn't the only criteria that you're looking for - it needs to look good too.

That's why our RPR is so popular.

Making it's debut in 2009, our R&D team introduced this one-of-a-kind perennial ryegrass to the industry. Then in 2015, RPR received it's very own utility patent. The top scientists recognized it was distinctly different than traditional perennial ryegrasses, and our RPR continues to be the first and only true turf-quality Perennial ryegrasses that produces spreading stolons.


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Caring for your turf can be a challenging task, especially when it's subjected to heavy traffic. Whether it's an active home lawn, golf course, or a sport and recreational turf facility, the health and appearance matters. This is where RPR steps into the picture.

RPR doesn't just tolerate heavy traffic; it thrives under it. With its outstanding recuperative abilities, RPR maintains excellent turf quality even in high-traffic conditions. Its vibrant green color and resilience make it a sight to behold, transforming your outdoor spaces into lush, inviting landscapes.


Traffic Tolerance

When it comes to evaluating plant growth and regeneration, we know just how important it is to give it our all and leave no stone unturned. That's why we take our trials seriously, constantly testing and experimenting to see how plants fare under different conditions. In one such trial, we applied traffic to the plants and assessed how well they were able to regenerate by measuring their surface area. What we found was truly remarkable. The RPR plants not only bounced back after heavy traffic, they actually started to fill-in space again!

Graph showing RPR recovering after heavy traffic


What is a Determinate Stolon?

RPR's magic lies in its determinate stolons, which sprout from an auxiliary bud near the base of the mother plant. These stolons grow horizontally, spawning new plants identical to their parent. But that's not all; they are not restricted to a single direction and can regenerate in all directions.

This makes RPR a perfect match for areas subject to continuous or extreme traffic events. Picture a busy park, a bustling sports field, or even your own backyard that sees a lot of activity. When these areas show signs of wear and tear, RPR's determinate stolons spring into action, growing horizontally into the worn areas and developing roots to repair the damage.

At the forefront of turfgrass breeding technology, RPR stands out with its unique regeneration capabilities. Unlike traditional and lateral spreading perennial ryegrasses, RPR is a product of advanced determinate stolon breeding techniques. The determinate stolons of RPR sprout from an auxiliary bud near the mother plant's base and grow horizontally to create identical new plants. What makes RPR special is its ability to regenerate in all directions, making it a perfect fit for areas that undergo persistent or extreme traffic events. Its determinate stolons can repair damaged areas by growing horizontally into worn areas and developing roots. Thanks to RPR's advanced determinate stolon breeding techniques, it's not just another grass, but a solution.


Determinate Stolons from RPR plant


Benefits of RPR:
  1. Traffic Tolerance: RPR can withstand heavy traffic due to its strong regenerative capabilities. It not only survives high-traffic conditions but thrives under them.
  2. Outstanding Recuperative Abilities: If any part of your lawn gets damaged due to traffic, RPR's regenerative powers will restore its health and appearance in no time.
  3. Resilience: RPR is not just durable; it's resilient. It can bounce back from pressure, wear, and tear, maintaining its quality and appearance.
  4. Spreading Stolons: The determinate stolons of RPR grow horizontally and spawn new plants identical to their mother, effectively filling in worn areas. This makes it perfect for areas with continuous or extreme traffic.
  5. Advanced Breeding Techniques: RPR is a product of advanced breeding techniques, ensuring it is not just another grass, but a solution to the challenges faced by high-traffic lawns.
Don't just take our word for it: 

Repeated seedings over the entire playing surface with RPR plus Yellow Jacket coating produced a steady improvement in overall turf quality. RPR has literally been a life saver!

- Don Moody
SUNY Cortland, Cortland, New York


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