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At Barenbrug, we're passionate about delivering innovative solutions designed to cultivate healthy, sustainable pastures, turf, and landscapes. Learn how our expertly developed grasses can transform your outdoor spaces, making them thrive like never before.

GetPlus: Forages with Beneficial Endophytes 

Traditionally, forage grasses have been defined by two traits: yield and persistence. We also place a strong emphasis on a third trait, forage quality, because forage quality directly affects animal performance and your profitability. After many years of research, we were able to incorporate all three of these traits into select varieties. The technology bringing all of the together is E34 and NEA2 for beneficial, non-toxic, fungal endophytes. 

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Rhizomatous Tall Fescue® (RTF): It's Fescue, but Better 

The significance of rhizomes in turf is their ability to repair damaged areas, maintain a more uniform turf density, increase sod tensile strength, add drought tolerance, and reduce the need for frequent overseeding. These deep rhizomes spread laterally and are not as invasive as those of Kentucky bluegrass or creeping red fescue. Our RTF program has an extensive history of breeding and development so you can be sure when you choose RTF, you’re choosing tried and true varieties.

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Healthy Grass Technology® (HGT): Kentucky Bluegrass Engineered for Turf Health

Slow establishment, diseases, insect pests and excessive traffic can significantly weaken and damage turf grass. Barvette HGT® came out of Barenbrug’s research program solving each of the major species-wide problems, and possesses many additional qualities making it one of the most unique Kentucky bluegrasses ever bred. With Barenbrug’s HGT® mixes of Kentucky bluegrass featuring Barvette HGT Kentucky bluegrass, you’ll find professional turf solutions against these common bluegrass challenges. 

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RPR® : fast regeneration after damage or wear

Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass, better known as RPR®, is an advanced grass seed technology developed by Barenbrug. These innovative varieties of perennial ryegrass has have conquered the green sector due to its unique properties and benefits. RPR® grass seed is known for its ability to regenerate, allowing the grass to repair itself after damage or wear. This characteristic makes RPR® an ideal choice for lawns, sports fields, and other green spaces that require sustainability and resilience.

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NutriFiber®: Exceptional Quality Silage

NutriFiber® is a groundbreaking grass technology for silage, developed as a result of the international breeding program 'Grass for high-yielding dairy cattle'. This innovative technology combines mineral efficiency, high protein production, digestible cell walls, and strong root growth, resulting in exceptional quality silage. The synergy between these properties makes NutriFiber® a powerful choice for livestock farmers. It is the culmination of extensive testing under various conditions and management practices, making it a reliable solution for high-yielding dairy farms. 

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Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®: capturing fertilizer from the air

Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator® is a pioneering seed treatment that adds the right Rhizobium strain to the seed. Thanks to a unique recipe and process, the seed is provided with essential Rhizobium bacteria, while extra nutrients are added to improve their survival rate and lifespan. This is for luzerne and particularly crucial for red clover, as it often faces strong competition from grass and weeds after sowing. With Yellow Jacket Nitrogenerator®, the crop gets the best possible start, enabling it to quickly convert nitrogen from the air into usable ammonium nitrogen for plant nutrition.

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Nature Jacket: Organic Excellence in Seed Coating 

As consumer demands for organic products continue to rise, we recognize the need to deliver industry-leading organic seed technologies to the professional agriculture industry. Our Nature Jacket coating surrounds each seed with a natural, micronutrient-rich environment, stimulating vigorous growth.

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