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Range Shield

We know rainfall across the United States is not consistent. This is why we developed Range Shield, a product line designed for new planting or interseeding into rangeland and dryland pastures in low rainfall areas.

Drought Tolerant

The seeds used in our Range Shield products are fortified with Yellow Jacket seed coating, a technology that can absorb almost 600 times its weight in water. This remarkable feature enhances the seed's interaction with soil, making it an excellent choice for rangeland seeding projects. The Yellow Jacket coating optimizes the establishment even in challenging conditions by maintaining a moist layer around the budding seedling, even under sub-optimal soil moisture circumstances.

Map showing precipitation across the United States

Stockaide works well in extremely-low precipitation zones (7-12 inches)

Barricade is best adapted to precipitation less than 12-18 inches and does well with supplemental irrigation

Renegaide works well in low-mid precipitation zones (18-30 inches)

Range Shield products have been specifically designed to preform where rainfall is iited. Specifcially, areas where average precipitation is between 7-30 inches annually.




Field of Barricaide
Field of Barricaide performing in a dryland situation