From Start to Finish


At every stage of our business process, from R&D to production to customer service, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Our ultimate goal is to achieve climate neutrality in all our operations with zero emissions by 2040. While we've made significant progress, such as implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes and utilizing renewable energy sources in our facilities, we recognize that there is still substantial work ahead to further reduce our carbon footprint. Below are some promising examples we can already share.


LED Lighting
Barenbrug New Zealand greenhouse with energy efficient LED lights. 

In New Zealand we have replaced 2715 sq/ft of greenhouse lighting with LED lights . As part of our ongoing commitment, we have set a target to replace all remaining incandescent lighting in our NZ operations with LED technology by the end of June 2026.


When it comes to the power consumption of our seed treatment plants and warehouse operations we look at possible solutions per location. Solar power is a key opportunity to transition toward energy self-sufficiency and we invest in that where feasible. On a global level, we have set a target to have 100% of our energy needs provided by renewable energy in 2026.

Air Travel

As a geographically dispersed organization, we understand the importance of fostering collaboration and an inclusive culture through face-to-face interactions. However, we also recognize that air travel comes at an environmental cost. We will prioritize digital meetings and gatherings whenever possible, reducing the need for unnecessary air travel. 

Innovative Packaging

We are working to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the business. Recent initiatives in New Zealand have led to a 30% reduction in our plastic consumption, and we are looking at initiatives to shift to alternative materials wherever feasible. Our business is committed to industry-led initiatives to reduce waste and we are taking a lead in the Seed Industry Research Centre project considering alternative packaging options to poly-woven plastic seed bags. Our goal is for our packaging waste to be part of an accredited recycling program by June 30, 2024.


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