RTF on Omaha Country Club's course.

What is RTF?

Not all grass is created equal. More than 20 years ago, our turf scientists developed a superior Tall fescue variety that possessed the ability to aggressively spread. This technology is so unique, it's been protected by a patent for decades, and continues to perform in the worlds most demanding courses and sports arenas.

At Barenbrug, we care about your turf needs and the environment. That's why we developed the remarkable RTF® (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue). This grass variety has an extensive root system that can tap into deep soil for moisture. This makes it versatile enough to adapt to a diverse range of soil types. It's like the superhero of grasses, bravely withstanding tough conditions.

RTF plant with rhizomes growing.
The Benefits of RTF

The Healing Touch of Self-Repairing Turf:

Our turf possesses the unique ability to self-repair. It swiftly regenerates and fills in any damaged or open spots with fresh grass shoots, restoring your playing surface to its pristine state.

Stands Up to Traffic:

Our turf isn’t just beautiful, it's robust. It exhibits a high tolerance to traffic, ensuring your  remains lush and vibrant despite regular use.

Weed Deterrent:

RTF helps to create a thick dense turf leaves no room for weed growth. It’s a natural barrier that keeps your surface weed-free, saving you time and effort in maintenance.

Deeply Rooted Resilience:

Our turf quickly develops a strong, deep root system, enabling excellent drought and heat tolerance. It thrives with less irrigation and adapts to a wide variety of soil conditions, making it a resilient choice for diverse landscapes.

Sunshine or Shade - It Thrives:

Whether under the sun or in the shade, our turf grows beautifully. It's designed to survive intense summer heat without browning and is among the most shade-tolerant cool-season grasses. It's perfect for transition zone climates and other tall fescue turf regions.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Our turf boasts an excellent color and density. Its fine leaves make for a very dense, uniform sod. It greens up early in the spring and retains its rich, vibrant color even under stressful hot temperatures.

Insect and Disease Resistance:

Our turf comes enhanced with endophytes for improved resistance against insects, diseases, and drought. This feature also makes it environmentally friendly by reducing the need for chemical and fertilizer inputs. Your lawn stays healthy naturally, while also contributing to a greener planet.

What's a Rhizome?

A rhizome refers to the subterranean horizontal stem of a plant that is particularly treasured for its ability to produce new shoots, known as tillers. These shoots spring up a few inches away from the main plant. Barenbrug’s proprietary RTF boasts superior rhizome activity compared to other varieties purporting to possess rhizomatous traits.

The Climate in Omaha is quite severe. RTF outperforms every time.

Eric McPherson CGCS, Omaha Country Club


Rhizomes To the Rescue!

Rhizomes are valued because they send out new tillers underground which emerge several inches away from the mother plant. Our patented RTF has the highest amount of rhizome activity. Other varieties produce very few short rhizomes, while our RTF produces numerous long rhizomes. Designed to factor in the percentage of plants that make rhizomes; the cultivar rhizomatous index is derived by multiplying the number of rhizomes times the percentage of plants with rhizomes and the rhizome length. Multiplying the traits together in a single mathematical index helps to identify the true rhizomatous plants from the others. When you put it all together, Turf Saver RTF is in a class of its own!


RTF at Omaha Country Club