Key Figures

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Think globally act locally

Farmers, footballers, golfers, children, homeowners - whoever you are and whatever continent you live on, you deserve the best grass solutions.

Healthy beef cattle in Argentina, sustainable, happy dairy cattle in New Zealand, happy tourists in Central Park, New York and successful golfers at St Andrews or Pebble Beach: our presence on six continents allows us to think globally and act locally. 

Over the past 120 years, we have seen a countless number of soils. From enchanting urban gardens to exciting sports fields. From strong Dutch dykes to endless cattle pastures in Brazil and USA. Different worlds with different requirements. So many needs, so many solutions!


Key figures Royal Barenbrug Group 

  • In business sinds 1904
  • Present on 6 continents
  • 16 operating companies
  • 22 R&D facilities
  • €370 mil revenue in 2022/23
  • 925 employees in 2022/23 (full time equivalents)
  • Serving 3,500 customers globally and millions of end-users
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2,100,000 Beef cattle  in Argentina 
enjoy Barenbrug pastures

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14,440,000 Sheep in Australia 
enjoy Barenbrug grass

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1,928,000 Golfers in the UK play 
on courses with Barenbrug grass

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12 of the 16 premier league football clubs in Holland play on Barenbrug grass



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