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What is HGT?

The game changed forever 10 years ago when our turf researchers bred a revolutionary Kentucky bluegrass that was able to redefine disease resistant bluegrasses, primarily with unprecedented Summer Patch tolerance.

Kentucky Bluegrass Engineered for Performance

HGT (Healthy Grass Technology) is a groundbreaking innovation in the world of Kentucky bluegrasses. This technology, which features the durable and disease-resistant Barvette HGT, was developed by Barenbrug under harsh climatic conditions with the specific aim for quick establishment, disease and pest resistance, and heavy traffic tolerance. Extensive trials conducted by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) under varying climates and conditions have underscored Barvette HGT's superior performance, ranking it as #1 or within the top statistical group across 16 different bluegrass traits in the 2005-10 Kentucky bluegrass NTEP trials.

Green grass baseball field with trees in the background and a logo that says "HGT"
HGT in use at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia 

In its development phase, Barvette HGT was derived from parent stock known for its exceptional traffic tolerance. For years prior to its release, it was subjected to rigorous traffic simulation studies, demonstrating not just its resilience to traffic but also its unique ability for rapid recovery from traffic-induced damage.

Furthermore, an additional three years of research in the Mid-Atlantic region confirmed its outstanding resistance to diseases, notably summer patch and stem rust. After more than a decade of dedicated turfgrass breeding and three years of professional usage, Barvette HGT's popularity and demand continue to grow each year. Owing to its swift establishment, durability, and recovery capabilities, our HGT mixture has set a new standard for Kentucky bluegrass sports turf, bluegrass sod production, and golf fairways and tees.

Resistance to Summer Patch and Rust
HGT in NTEP outperforming all other entries.
NTEP Kentucky bluegrass trial North Carolina

Summer patch is a formidable turf disease that wreaks havoc on the majority of Kentucky bluegrass varieties. However, Barvette HGT, a product of Barenbrug's Healthy Grass Technology, presents a remarkable exception. Following rigorous testing at multiple locations nationwide and in university trials, Barvette HGT has demonstrated exceptional resistance to summer patch. In fact, during the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials conducted at three different sites, Barvette HGT not only secured the top rank but also managed to thrive and expand into neighboring bluegrass plots severely damaged by the disease.

Even with the real feel in the 100's, the HGT is still money!

Parker Bechen, Cedar Rapids, IA
Unveiling the Power Trio: Traffic Resilience, Rapid Recovery, and Tensile Strength in Turfgrass Management

Our HGT blend of Kentucky bluegrasses offers outstanding traffic tolerance and wear recovery. In research studies at Michigan State University, Barvette HGT was trialed with other high-ranked Kentucky bluegrasses. In the 2010 study of 109 commercial varieties and experimentals, Barvette HGT was the top-rated variety for wear recovery, percent ground covered, and turf quality. Likewise in the NTEP traffic stress tests, Barvette HGT topped all other entries at both Michigan State University and Rutgers University trials.

Line graph of grass seed performance over time


Spring Awakening: The Remarkable Power of Exceptional Green-Up
HGT showing strong early spring-up.

Spring green-up is a coveted characteristic when it comes to cultivating new Kentucky bluegrasses. While the majority of bluegrasses take their time shaking off the winter slumber, Barvette HGT is a game-changer with its early arrival in the spring season. In the comprehensive NTEP study conducted in 2005, Barvette HGT emerged as a top performer, setting it apart from the crowd. This enables our HGT blend to rebound with vigor and vitality just in time for spring play and crucial field regrowth. Experience the difference with our unique blend that doesn't just awaken, but leaps into action when spring arrives!

Triumph Over Turf Troubles: No More Grubs and Billbugs, Just Lush, Healthy Grass

White grubs and billbugs are often the culprits behind the devastation of Kentucky bluegrass turf. But not to worry! Our HGT varieties, spearheaded by Barvette HGT's top-tier performance against white grubs as demonstrated in the 2006-10 NTEP trial, offer stellar resilience against these common turfgrass insect pests. As more communities and facilities are leaning towards reducing or even eliminating the use of turfgrass insect controls, HGT steps up to the plate. Offering not just a solution, but a safe, natural, and 'green' protection for your turf, making it a champion in the face of adversity."


Billbug trial chart
White grub chart
Sprouting Success: The Art and Science of Germination and Establishment

Kentucky bluegrass and the phrases 'quick germination' and 'rapid establishment' are rarely found in the same sentence. But Barvette HGT is here to break all the rules. With its impressive ability to germinate in less than 10 days and establish itself rapidly, Barvette HGT is rewriting the playbook. Now, fields can be ready for play sooner, fairways can undergo successful renovations faster, and tees can be brought back into use in no time. Not only that, but HGT's vigorous growth habit gives it a competitive edge against weeds. For those in bluegrass sod production, expect quicker field establishment, increased yields, and top-notch pallet quality. Barvette HGT is truly revolutionizing the game.


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