Helping with Hands

Our Commitment to                                               Corporate Social Responsibility

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We take our corporate social responsibility seriously. That is why we have launched the Barenbrug Helping with Hands Foundation, an initiative funded by the Barenbrug family. The foundation is a public benefit institution (PBI), which aims to support charitable projects in the field of environment, education, culture and sports, aligning with our views on sustainable business and corporate social responsibility. Employees may submit a wide range of charitable projects to the Foundation’s board for approval. 

To realize a project, a physical and active contribution of a team of five or more Barenbrug employees is needed, hence the “Helping Hands”. Every Barenbrug employee, anywhere in the world, may take one working day per year of paid leave to devote to a charitable Helping with Hands project. In some cases, the Foundation can also provide a financial contribution. Over the past years many projects across the world have been completed with the help of enthusiastic Barenbrug employees.

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