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120 year history, 4 Barenburg generations

A world of possibilities–that’s what Joseph Barenbrug pictured in 1904 when he saw grass. He initiated the development of varieties for different purposes that is still ongoing today. These varieties are suitable for a wide range of climates. Tasty and healthy forages with high nutritional value for cattle, fine leaved and attractive green grass for parks and gardens, slow-growing grass for lawns, strong grass for sports pitches and recreation. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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Family company

Helping customers deal with all kinds of challenges was Joseph’s mission. Frank and Bastiaan Barenbrug continue that tradition as the fourth generation in Barenbrug’s Supervisory Board. Today, the Royal Barenbrug Group is a leading worldwide creator of turf and forage solutions. Thanks to four generations of Barenbrug leaders we can serve you with over 120 years of experience.


Being a  family company is reflected in distinctive charactaristics that set Barenbrug apart from competitors

Long term stability  Barenbrug’s intention to pass the business down through generations ensures a long-term commitment, prioritizing long-term stability and growth. Leading to more  to sustainable business practices and strategic planning.

Trust  Due to our long history we have deep roots in our communities, leading to strong local support and loyalty. We operate with a strong sense of ethics and integrity, stemming from our family values. In this way we build and strengthen trust with customers,  partners and stakeholders.

Customer –centric approach  Customers first, that was Joseph’s mission when he started in 1904. Barenbrug still focus on strong personal relationships and customer satisfaction. We want to provide personalized customer service and be more flexible and responsive to individual customer needs. 

High quality standards  We have a long-standing reputation to uphold. A reputation directly tied to the Barenbrug family name. We maintain and our standards of quality and service to protect and enhance our more than 120 year legacy.

Family atmosphere  We nurture a family atmosphere with passionate and dedicated people. We challenge our people to show the best of themselves. Where we are allowed to make mistakes, learn, and become stronger. Although we are represented in many local operating companies around the world, we maintain good global relationships, share experiences, and help each other grow stronger together as one global family.

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Royal Barenbrug

In 2004, Barenbrug was granted the ‘Royal predicate’, a distinction awarded only to companies with extreme prestige and importance in their field, that have existed for more than a hundred years, have sustainable management, and an excellent reputation. It symbolizes the  Dutch King’s respect, appreciation and trust. 

We are proud of our royal distinction.



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Our people make the difference

At Barenbrug, our global team's passion and unique talents drive our success. We empower and support our people, fostering growth, innovation, and a sense of belonging in every role and location.