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Seed Production

Leading producer
Barenbrug is a leading grass seed producer. By developing our scientific insights and seed technologies, we are able to increase seed production of many different varieties. We breed and enrich varieties for agricultural forage crops, for sports fields, lawns and landscaping. The seed production divisions of Royal Barenbrug Group are responsible for the international production of grass seed and all related activities.

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Local Seed Production and Expertise
All Barenbrug subsidiaries in our Barenbrug family have their own local production and supervision and processing resources. A great deal of the requirement for grass, clover and alfalfa seed is produced by our seed growers with whom we have a longstanding relationship. In this way, we use our global knowledge and experience to increase local yields. Our local grass seed growers are a very important pillar of Barenbrug's production area. The knowledge and skills of our growers and the expert guidance of our cultivation advisors guarantee high-quality seed and good yields.  

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Professional Grass Seed Growers

Grass seed grower professionalism, combined with expert supervision by Barenbrug Production Managers, assures excellent seed quality, continuity and a good yield. Grass seed production can be extremely lucrative. Most grass seed crops are taken for two harvest years so--as well as reducing inputs--they are a valuable break crop, especially for cereal seed producers.

The advantages of growing grass seed with Barenbrug include:

  • A good fit with the rotation of crops
  • Subsequent crops bear yields improved structure and other positive effects
  • Healthy financial returns, often based on a fixed price. The risk of price fluctuation lies with Barenbrug, not with the grower.
  • Better use of the labour and machinery made available
  • Few and inexpensive additional investment needed
  • Expert personalized advice for cultivating your grass
  • A wide range of varieties geared to your individual needs
  • Relatively high purchase price and good kg yields
  • Continuity and a partnership for life

We would love to talk to you further about producing grass seed with and for Barenbrug. Please contact  Helmig Spijkerboer, our global Production Director, or contact your local Barenbrug. 

Contact: Helmig Spijkerboer, Global Production Director -

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Research and Development

At Barenbrug our R&D is more than just a department—it's a driving force that propels our mission to meet the needs of end-users while addressing global and local challenges. Through a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the integration of global expertise with local insights, we deliver grass seed products that set the standard for excellence in the industry.


Driven by End-User Needs
Our R&D efforts are focused on the needs of our end users. We recognise that the success of our grass seed products starts with understanding and responding to their specific needs. Not only professionals in forage, turf, sports and landscaping, but also consumers with their own gardens. 

We make every effort to meet the needs of our end users and listen to them for inspiration for new, improved solutions. By constantly exploring their concerns and wishes, we ensure that our innovations lead to practical, high-performance solutions that improve the quality, profitability and sustainability of turf and turf-related products and services worldwide.

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Adapting to Climate Change

The global climate is changing, bringing new challenges to grass cultivation. Our R&D team is at the forefront of developing resilient grass varieties that can withstand diverse and shifting environmental conditions. Through rigorous testing and cutting-edge breeding techniques, we create seeds that thrive under various stresses such as drought, extreme temperatures, and disease pressures.


Global Expertise, Local Results

Our global network of experts collaborate to bring together the best research from around the world. This international perspective allows us to integrate diverse insights and techniques into our R&D processes. We understand that local conditions are unique, and that's why we tailor our solutions to deliver optimal results in specific regions. By combining global expertise with local knowledge, we achieve outstanding outcomes for our customers, no matter where they are located.

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Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our R&D philosophy. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art facilities and foster partnerships with leading research institutions to stay at the cutting edge of grass seed technology. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to explore new frontiers in seed science, ensuring that we deliver superior products that meet the evolving needs of the market.

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Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is a core value in our R&D efforts. We strive to develop grass seed varieties that not only perform exceptionally but also contribute to environmental stewardship. By reducing the need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides, our seeds support sustainable landscaping and agricultural practices. We are dedicated to creating a greener future through innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

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Local Service and Expertise

At Barenbrug Company, we pride ourselves being a global company, yet providing exceptional local service and expertise. Our team is dedicated to building close, long-term relationships with our distributors. By supporting them in understanding and serving the end-user, we ensure that our grass seed products meet the highest standards of performance and satisfaction.






Listening, Understanding, and Solving Problems

We believe that the foundation of success lies in strong relationships with our distributors. By working closely with them, we gain valuable insights into the needs and challenges faced by end-users. This collaborative approach enables us to develop tailored solutions that address specific local conditions and requirements. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just selling products. We actively listen to the feedback from our distributors and end-users, striving to understand their unique situations. By doing so, we solve problems and provide solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of our grass seeds.



Good Conditions and Great Service

We offer favorable conditions and outstanding service to our distributors. Our goal is to ensure they have everything they need to succeed in their markets. From competitive pricing to reliable delivery, support on marketing and communication, generating valuable leads together, we focus on making the process as smooth and efficient as possible.ems and provide solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of our grass seeds.





The Yellow Bag Guarantee

Our grass seeds are sold in our distinctive yellow bags, a symbol of quality and reliability. When customers see our yellow bag, they know they are getting a product backed by years of research, development, and a commitment to excellence. The iconic yellow bag stands for trust, performance, superior service, and reliability of our grass seeds.

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