• Late maturing
  • Winter-hardy
  • Persistent
  • Well suited for dry hay production
Generic forage 50lb bag

Elevate Your Livestock's Nutrition with Barfleo

Meet Barfleo Timothy Grass, the ideal solution for livestock farmers who seek top-quality forage for their animals. Barfleo is an intermediate maturing variety with excellent spring production and is perfect for dry hay production. Join countless other farmers who have seen the benefits of using Barfleo in their operations.

Why Choose Barfleo?

Barfleo has been the leading variety in numerous university forage trials across the country, and here's why:

  • Superior Spring Production: Get a head start on the growing season with Barfleo's exceptional spring growth.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both dry hay production and grazing, Barfleo is your go-to forage for multiple purposes.
  • Improved Grazing Tolerance: Unlike traditional Timothy grass, Barfleo performs well in horse grazing trials, making it a versatile option for various livestock.
  • Adaptable to Harsh Conditions: Perfect for high mountain regions and areas with deep snow cover, Barfleo thrives where others can't.

How Barfleo Benefits Your Farm

Using Barfleo Timothy Grass offers several advantages:

  • Boost Your Yield: With its excellent spring production, Barfleo ensures you get the most out of your pasture land.
  • Enhance Animal Health: High-quality forage like Barfleo supports the overall health and productivity of your livestock.
  • Reduce Feed Costs: By growing your own top-quality forage, you can cut down on external feed expenses.