BeefMaster Pro

BeefMaster® Pro

Cattle Forage Mixture
  • Rapid establishment
  • Exceptional yields
  • Late-maturing - Maintains quality
  • High dry matter intake - Rapid weight gains
  • Persistent
  • Alice white clover -Forage protein and soil nitrogen
  • Now containing Remington +NEA2 & BarOptima +E34
beefmaster pro

BeefMaster Pro: Transform Your Pasture, Boost Your Herd

Ready to take your cattle’s nutrition to the next level? Introducing BeefMaster® Pro Cattle Forage Mixture, the ultimate solution for cattle ranchers looking to maximize their herd's health and productivity. Our special formulation of forage grasses from the Master Series line is designed to ensure your stocker cattle and beef cows and calves get the best nourishment possible.

Why Choose BeefMaster Pro?

Soft-Leaved Tall Fescue Varieties

Say goodbye to rough-leaf tall fescues! BeefMaster Pro contains soft-leaved tall fescue varieties that are highly digestible, leading to increased dry matter intake. Think of it as swapping out tough, hard-to-chew dinner for a tender, delicious meal your cattle will love.

Grazing-Tolerant Orchard Grass

Our orchard grass varieties are not just productive; they thrive even under close grazing. It’s like having a lawn that never gets patchy, no matter how many picnics you have. Your pasture remains lush, providing consistent high-quality forage for your herd.

High Energy, Rapid Weight Gain

The highly productive, high-energy forage varieties in BeefMaster Pro are formulated to provide rapid weight gains in beef cattle. Imagine turning your pasture into a buffet of superfoods, where every bite packs a punch of nutrients and energy.

Persistent Ryegrass and Tall Fescue

BeefMaster Pro features some of the latest advancements in forage grass varieties, including Remington +NEA2 and BarOptima +E34. These new persistent varieties of perennial ryegrass and tall fescue further improve the forage quality of your pasture, ensuring long-term productivity and sustainability.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Highly Digestible: Soft-leaved tall fescues increase overall dry matter intake.
  • Grazing Tolerant: Orchard grass varieties maintain their productivity under close grazing.
  • High Energy: Provides rapid weight gains in beef cattle.
  • Long-Lasting: New persistent varieties of ryegrass and tall fescue for improved pasture quality.