BrowseMaster Pro

BrowseMaster® Pro

Goat Pasture and Tall Fescue Dilution
  • Excellent for overseeding of KY-31 Tall Fescue pastures
  • Increases the forage quality and nitrogen content in pastures through Nitrogen Fixation
  • Early spring forage, fast re-growth
  • Ideal for hay production
  • Great grazing mixture for goats

Elevate Your Goat Pastures with BrowseMaster Pro

The Ultimate Grass Seed Mixture for Productive Goat Pastures

Welcome to BrowseMaster Pro, your go-to solution for creating the most productive and nutritious goat pastures. Whether you’re raising goats for milk or meat, our advanced grass seed mixture is scientifically designed to boost productivity and ensure your herd thrives.

Why Choose BrowseMaster Pro?

Diverse Forage for Maximum Productivity

Research shows that goats flourish in pastures with a variety of forage species. BrowseMaster Pro offers an optimal combination of browse, forbs, and grasses, specifically adjusted for different regions. This blend is not just any mix; it’s tailored to provide the diverse diet goats crave, resulting in higher meat and milk production. Think of it as a gourmet buffet designed to meet all their nutritional needs.

High-Quality Ingredients

Our proprietary mix includes:

  • Barenbrug’s High-Quality Chicory: The primary ingredient for its excellent forage quality and palatability.
  • Red Clover and Alfalfa: Rich in proteins, these legumes help increase milk yield and meat quality.
  • Forage Brassica Varieties: Adds valuable nutrients to the mix.
  • Forage Grass: Ensures digestible fiber, aiding in proper digestion and overall health.

Regionally Adapted for Optimal Results

BrowseMaster Pro is available in formulations specifically adapted for the transition zone and southern United States. This regional customization guarantees that your pasture will thrive in local conditions, providing your goats with the best possible forage throughout the year.

Benefits of Using BrowseMaster Pro

  • Improved Milk and Meat Production: Thanks to the diverse and nutritious forage mix.
  • Enhanced Herd Health: Balanced diet leads to better overall health, reducing the need for supplements.
  • Sustainable Farming: Diverse pastures improve soil health and biodiversity, making your farming practices more sustainable.