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DairyMaster® Pro

Exceptional quality dairy pasture mixture
  • Exceptional palatability for improved intake
  • High fiber digestibility and nutritive value
  • High protein and energy forage
  • Rapid establishment and persistent
  • Grazing tolerant
  • High dry matter production
  • Now containing BarOptima +E34 & Remington +NEA2
dairymaster pro

Welcome to DairyMaster Pro: Revolutionizing Dairy Farming

The DairyMaster Pro Advantage

Understanding the needs of dairy farmers, we proudly introduce DairyMaster Pro—a game-changer in the world of dairy farming. This isn’t just another pasture mix; it’s a scientifically formulated blend designed to elevate your farm's productivity and efficiency.

Why Choose DairyMaster Pro?

1. Premium Quality Pasture

Imagine a pasture that offers the best of everything: perennial ryegrass, fine-leafed tall fescue, and meadow fescue. DairyMaster Pro brings these together in one powerful mix, ensuring your livestock gets the highest quality feed.

2. Versatile for Various Livestock

DairyMaster Pro isn’t just for dairy cows. It’s equally well-suited for replacement heifers, lactating beef cows, and stocker operations. Whether you’re managing a diverse herd or focusing on dairy, this mix covers it all.

3. Winter-Hardy and Persistent

As any farmer knows, not all pastures are created equal. DairyMaster Pro is formulated with varieties that are winter-hardy and persistent. This means your pasture remains lush and productive throughout the seasons, giving your livestock consistent access to high-quality forage.

4. High in Energy and Protein

DairyMaster Pro isn’t just about quantity; it’s about quality. This blend is packed with energy and protein, essential nutrients that keep your livestock healthy and productive. Think of it as a superfood for your herd.

5. Enhanced with BarOptima +E34 and Remington +NEA2

What sets DairyMaster Pro apart is the inclusion of BarOptima +E34 and Remington +NEA2. These advanced varieties are known for their robustness and high yield, ensuring that your pasture supports maximum growth and productivity.

6. Nitrogen-Fixing Alice White Clover

Alice white clover is the unsung hero of DairyMaster Pro. Not only does it improve protein and energy levels in the sward, but it also fixes nitrogen, enriching the soil and promoting sustainable farming practices.

How DairyMaster Pro Transforms Your Farm

Boost Productivity and Efficiency

By providing a nutrient-rich and resilient pasture, DairyMaster Pro enhances livestock health and productivity, leading to higher milk yields and better overall performance.

Sustainable Farming

With features like nitrogen-fixing clover, DairyMaster Pro supports environmentally friendly farming practices, helping you maintain a sustainable and thriving operation.

Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in DairyMaster Pro means investing in long-term savings. Healthier livestock, higher yields, and reduced feed costs contribute to a better bottom line for your farm.

Contains Our Get Plus Technology

DairyMaster Pro contains the best of all species: Two GetPlus modern grasses BarOptima +E34 soft leaf tall fescue, Remington +NEA2  perennial ryegrass, high energy meadow fescue, and late maturing orchardgrass. DairyMaster  Pro also contains red and white clover. That will fix nitrogen as well as improve protein and energy levels of the sward.