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  • High yielding
  • Exceptional palatability and digestibility
  • Excellent winter-hardiness
  • Outstanding disease resistance
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Discover the Power of HLR Orchardgrass for Your Cattle Farm

At Barenbrug, we understand the dedication and care you put into nurturing your cattle and ensuring they receive the best possible feed. That’s why we’ve developed HLR Orchardgrass—a game-changing forage blend designed specifically to meet the high demands of modern cattle farmers.

Unmatched Forage Quality and Yield

Years of meticulous breeding efforts have culminated in the HLR Orchardgrass blend. Our focus has always been on one goal: to provide you with the highest quality forage that maximizes both yield and nutritional value. The varieties in our blend are handpicked for their exceptional leaf-to-stem ratio, resulting in:

  • More Leaves for Better Digestibility: High leaf content means your cattle will enjoy increased digestibility and higher energy intake.
  • Less Stem, More Palatability: A reduced stem ratio enhances feed quality and makes the forage more palatable for your cattle.

Disease Resistance You Can Trust

In the constantly evolving landscape of agriculture, new diseases can threaten your crops. Our breeders have selected varieties in the HLR Orchardgrass blend for their robust tolerance to diseases such as rust and other leaf ailments. This ensures your forage remains healthy and resilient, providing consistent quality year-round.

Ideal for Mixed Planting

HLR Orchardgrass is part of our Pinpoint™ family of products, featuring intermediate to late heading varieties. These are perfect for planting alongside alfalfa, creating a balanced, nutritious forage mixture that supports the overall health and productivity of your cattle.


Why Choose HLR Orchardgrass?

  • Enhanced Digestibility: With a high leaf-to-stem ratio, your cattle receive forage that’s easier to digest and packed with energy.
  • Superior Palatability: Less stem means your cattle will find the feed more appealing, ensuring they consume the necessary nutrients for optimal growth.
  • Resilient and Disease-Tolerant: Grow with confidence knowing your orchardgrass is bred to withstand common leaf diseases.
  • Balanced Nutritional Mix: Perfectly complements alfalfa, providing a comprehensive forage solution for diverse feeding needs.