Forage Tall Fescue


Soft-leaf Tall Fescue Blend
  • Soft-leaf, late-maturing
  • Yields equal to or greater than alfalfa
  • High amounts of digestible fiber
  • High palatability
  • Excellent persistence
Nutrifiber 50lb bag

Grow Productive Pastures with STF 43 Soft Leaf Tall Fescue

Introducing STF 43 Soft Leaf Tall Fescue, the premium blend designed to revolutionize your livestock's grazing experience.

High-Quality Forage for High-Performing Livestock

STF-43 is not just grass—it’s an investment in your livestock's health and productivity. Created with careful analysis and precision, our blend sets a new standard for what you expect from pasture grass.

grazing cows

Discover the STF-43 Difference

  • Late-Maturing Varieties: Enjoy the flexibility of longer grazing seasons with our late-maturing fescue blend.
  • Impressive Dry Matter Yields: Maximize your output thanks to the unparalleled dry matter production of STF-43.
  • Optimized Fiber Content: Formulated from Barenbrug's precision breeding, expect copious amounts of highly-digestible fiber to nourish your cattle.
  • NutriFiber Technology: STF-43 leverages cutting-edge NutriFiber technology for enhanced rumen health and milk production.
  • Part of Pinpoint & CoverGraze™ Families: Benefit from the agricultural innovation that only Barenbrug can provide, ensuring your livestock is healthy and your land is used efficiently.

Why STF-43 is the Smart Choice for Your Farm

Our commitment to innovation and quality means STF-43 is tailored to provide:

  • Superior Feed Value: Each pound of dry matter is packed with digestible nutrients, ensuring your cattle get the most from each bite.
  • Resilience: Withstand the challenges of variable climates and environmental conditions with a robust fescue blend.
  • Cost-Effective Grazing: Reduce the need for supplemental feed with the abundant forage production of STF-43.
STF Microscope
When viewed under a microscope, it is easy to see the difference between the soft-leaf and the ‘coarse’ leaf. With no burs, STF-43 is more highly palatable than traditional KY-31 and other tall fescues and is preferred by cattle in trials.