Brown and white chicken sitting in long green grass

Chick's Mix

  • These seeds are tailored for every terrain, from farmlands to cozy backyard plots.
  • This forage mix promotes soil health and provides optimal animal nutrition.
  • Save time and money by producing quality forage rather than purchased feeds.
Small orange bag of grass seed with the words Premium Chick's Mix and a photo of a chicken

Chick's Mix: Your Ultimate Forage Seed Solution

Many chickens in pasture fed by a woman in a brimmed hat and overalls

Finding the right forage seed mixture shouldn't be difficult. With Chick's Mix, we’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to. Our premium blend is designed to give your fields the lush, nutritious growth that chickens will love.

Why Choose Chick's Mix?

Tailored for Every Terrain: Whether you're a farmer managing multiple acres or a homeowner looking to enhance your backyard, Chick's Mix adapts seamlessly to various soil types and climates.

Nutrient-Rich Growth: Think of Chick's Mix as the multivitamin for your brood. It’s packed with high-quality grass seeds that are specifically chosen to boost soil health and provide optimal nutrition for grazing animals.

Easy to Sow, Easy to Grow: You don’t need a green thumb to get phenomenal results. Our forage seed mixture is designed for easy sowing. Just spread, water, and let nature do the rest.

Cost-Effective: Investing in quality seed upfront saves you time and money. Chick's Mix ensures robust growth, reducing the need for constant replanting and maintenance.

What Makes Chick's Mix Stand Out? 
  1. Versatility: Suitable for everything from farmlands to cozy backyard plots.
  2. High Yield: Maximizes pasture productivity by encouraging vigorous growth.
  3. Sustainability: Promotes long-term soil health and reduces erosion.

Looking for a rich, green space for your chickens or small livestock to roam? Chick's Mix offers a simple solution that turns your animal's area into a nutritious landscape.


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