The Story of Grass

Female barenbrug turf researcher looking through microscope.

The Seeds of Success

Welcome to the world of Barenbrug—a place where science and nature come together to create the very best grasses for your needs. Whether you're a professional turf manager, a rancher, or a homeowner, our grass cultivars are designed to give you superior performance and lasting beauty.

Why Choose Barenbrug?

Our Promise

Every blade of grass has a story, and at Barenbrug, we ensure that story is one of excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Here's why our grass cultivars stand out:

  • Rigorous Breeding and Testing: Each cultivar undergoes a meticulous breeding, selection, and testing process, ensuring only the best grasses make it to market.
  • Superior Characteristics: Our grasses are selected for traits that matter most — and that's where you come in! What matters to you, matters to us. Our breeders specifically look for traits to solve your unique needs.
  • Proven Performance: Every new line is rigorously tested against elite lines and existing cultivars under various stress conditions to ensure peak performance.
Perennial Ryegrass plant with roots exposed on a black background.

Our Journey from Seed to Cultivar

Years 1-3: Searching for Candidates

Every new grass story begins at one of our breeding stations across North America. We cross plants from existing cultivars with unique traits from the wild or specific environments to develop candidates with interesting potential.

Years 4-6: Selection Process

Once these crosses have seeded, a detailed selection process begins. We scrutinize unmown plants in a large nursery, looking for characteristics that turf managers value most. Only the best make it through this rigorous process.

Year 7: The First Round Draft Pick

We group the best plants based on similarities, allowing them to cross-pollinate. The resulting "synthetic line" forms the basis for a new cultivar, a population of genetically similar but not identical plants.

Years 8-10: Proving Performance

Each new line is tested against other elite lines and existing cultivars from global breeding programs. They undergo stress testing under simulated wear, traffic, and low mowing height, ensuring they can withstand real-world conditions.

Year 11: Multiplication

The best plants are grouped based on similarities, allowing them to cross-pollinate. This "synthetic line" forms the foundation for multiplication, ensuring a consistent and high-quality output.

Years 12-15: Final Assessment

Each cultivar is submitted to official trials across the globe. It undergoes legislative scrutiny to ensure it meets standards of distinction, uniformity, and stability, making it eligible for sale.

Join the Barenbrug Community

When you choose Barenbrug, you're not just getting superior grass—you’re becoming part of a community that values quality, innovation, and sustainability. Our experts are always here to help you find the perfect grass for your needs.