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SOS® Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass

SOS® Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass
  • Superior Turf Quality: Your turf stay lush and inviting, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and playability.
  • Customized Transition: Engineered to maintain exceptional turf density without impeding the transition or recovery of underlying grasses.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: An economically savvy choice without the drawbacks of traditional ryegrass options.
  • Environmentally Friendly Approaches: Minimize your ecological footprint while maintaining top-grade turf quality.
  • Easy Planting Recommendations: Achieve the perfect overseed with straightforward seeding rates for golf courses, sports turf, and landscapes.
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Elevate Your Turf with SOS Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass

Revolutionize your golf course or sports field with Barenbrug's SOS Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass—your secret to an impeccable green that lasts. At Barenbrug, we understand the challenges you face with fall overseeding. That's why we've crafted a solution that goes beyond the ordinary, offering you a turf that not only looks exceptional but also stands strong against the elements.

SOS performing on a sports field in Santa Clara, California.
SOS, Santa Clara, CA

Make Every Season a Success with SOS

Say hello to vibrant, resilient turf even as the seasons change. Our SOS Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass is specially designed to deliver a high-quality, dense turf that thrives late into the season. With us, you don't have to choose between beauty and practicality—you get both.

SOS performing on Florida Golf Course under clear blue skies.
SOS Performing in Florida
Sustainability Meets Innovation

In your hands, every blade of grass counts. And we're here to make sure they all speak volumes of your care and expertise. SOS Turf-Type Annual Ryegrass brings the best in sustainability to your field, waving goodbye to those dreaded expensive herbicide treatments and cultural practices when transitioning to spring. Our product is nurtured with warmth and innovation, right from our breeding grounds to your turf.

Rooted in Excellence

Forget the days of coarser textures and weak grass that couldn't handle the traffic. In partnership with Texas A&M, Barenbrug USA redefined the turf-annual ryegrass narrative. Now, ten years after introducing the Panterra turf-annual, our SOS turf-annual ryegrasses stand proudly at the forefront of turf quality. Whether it's a challenging game day or a luxurious golf outing, your turf is ready for it all.

Designed for Your Unique Needs

Each patch of green is unique, and so are the solutions you seek. At Barenbrug, we're all about personal care. Our range of SOS turf-annual ryegrasses is tailored to your specific needs, taking into account factors like traffic tolerance, establishment speed, budget, and much more.

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Planting Made Perfect

Is time not on your side? Not a worry. With SOS, you get exceptional germination even at low temperatures, ensuring your green stays ahead of the game. And we've made planting simple, so you can focus on what you do best—creating immaculate fields and courses.