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Creeping Bentgrass
  • Low mow tolerance for lightning fast greens
  • Amazing turf quality with #1 NTEP rankings
  • Improved dollar spot disease resistance
  • Reduces fungicide applications
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Discover the Durable Beauty of V8 Creeping Bentgrass

Welcome to a greener world, where every blade of grass plays a part in crafting landscapes that not only mesmerize, but last. At the heart of this green revolution is our world class V8 Creeping Bentgrass. As a hybrid between two elite breeding lines, it is a testament to our commitment to bringing you the most resilient and stunning varieties of grass.

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V8 used on a golf fairway

Designed with Care, Grown for Perfection

V8 Creeping Bentgrass is more than just grass; it's a promise of unmatched quality and beauty. V8 is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, unparalleled playability, and a visual appeal that promises a lush oasis.

Imagine a green space that thrives year-round. V8 Creeping Bentgrass makes this vision a reality, providing a durable ground cover that withstands heavy foot traffic while maintaining its elegant appearance. Its deep, rich green color and fine texture create a seamless carpet of grass that's as beautiful as it is strong.

A Sustainable Choice for Tomorrow

V8 is currently certified with the A-LIST (Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf). A-LIST is a non-profit organization that evaluates and promotes turfgrass varieties that require less water, fertilizer, pesticides, and chemicals. By choosing V8, you're opting for a green solution that benefits not only your landscapes but the planet as well.

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Join Us on the Journey to Greener Horizons

Choosing Barenbrug V8 Creeping Bentgrass means investing in quality, performance, and sustainability. We invite you to experience the difference that V8 can make – to see firsthand how it brings landscapes to life, enhances playability, and supports a healthier environment.