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NEWS: Barenbrug USA Joins A-LIST in Advancing Sustainable Turfgrass Management

Barenbrug USA Joins A-LIST in Advancing Sustainable Turfgrass Management

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(Tangent, OR 2023) Barenbrug USA, a leading provider of innovative grass seed solutions, proudly announces its collaboration with A-LIST, a distinguished national non-profit organization dedicated to revolutionizing turfgrass management through sustainable practices. This partnership signifies Barenbrug USA's commitment to promoting environmentally responsible turf solutions while maintaining high-quality turf performance.

A-LIST, headquartered in Oregon's Willamette Valley grass seed production region, comprises a consortium of universities and industry companies that unite to support the advancement of sustainable plant growth in the turfgrass industry. By offering comprehensive guidelines that consider all aspects of sustainable turfgrass management, A-LIST empowers turfgrass managers and grass growers to achieve optimal results with reduced inputs such as water, chemicals, and fertilizers.

Barenbrug USA's decision to align with A-LIST reinforces its dedication to providing cutting-edge varieties that not only excel in turf quality but also demonstrate exceptional performance with minimal resource requirements. Through collaborative efforts with leading regional universities, A-LIST's transparent protocols ensure that certified turfgrass varieties are thoroughly tested and verified.

Barenbrug USA is delighted to announce that several of its key grass seed varieties have received A-LIST Approved. Notably, the Perennial ryegrasses Revenge 2 GLX and Portfolio as well as Bonfire, Xanadu, and Zion for the Tall fescues have been certified. From the Kentucky bluegrasses NuRush and Barserati and from the bentgrasses, L-93 XD and V8 among many others have also achieved A-LIST Approval, further solidifying the company's position as an advocate for sustainable turfgrass solutions.

We are excited to partner with A-LIST in our pursuit of sustainable and environmentally conscious turfgrass management," stated Justin Burns, CEO at Barenbrug USA. "This collaboration not only highlights our shared vision for a greener future but also underscores Barenbrug's ongoing commitment to delivering innovative grass seed solutions that cater to both performance and sustainability.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the journey towards establishing a more sustainable and resilient turfgrass landscape.

For more information about Barenbrug USA's A-LIST Approved certified grass seed varieties and their commitment to sustainable turfgrass management, please visit the A-LIST website.

List of Barenbrug A-LIST Certifications

Kentucky bluegrass:

Tall Fescue

Fine Fescue


Perennial Ryegrass