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Management Made Simple: The Benefits of Feeding Dairy Cows Grass

A dairy cow's diet has a significant impact on her milk production. Researchers who have studied adding a grass component, such as Barenbrug’s Green Spirit or STF-43, discovered results of increased milk production and general cow health benefits, such as healthy rumen function, and lower lameness. 

Rumen Health: Where Milk Production Begins

Before the milk hits the pail, it’s brewing in the rumen. This intricate digestive chamber is where the magic happens, or more technically, where cellulose is broken down into digestible starches, sugars, and organic acids. This is directly linked to overall herd health. Barenbrug grass acts as a natural rumen buffer and provides scratch factors that improve digestion efficiency, ultimately boosting milk production. With improved rumen health, expect robust health in individual cows and, consequently, a rise in your overall herd's milk yield.

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The Elegance of TMR with Barenbrug Grass

Total Mixed Ration (TMR) is the symphony of a dairy cow's diet, with each element playing a significant role. Barenbrug grass joins the TMR composition with finesse, providing an impeccable balance of natural remediation and palatability. When incorporated into a feed mix, Barenbrug grass supplies a rich source of energy from highly digestible fiber, ensuring every mouthful contributes to your herd's well-being and ultimately to their milk productivity.

Management Made Simple: Feeding Barenbrug Grass

The beauty of Barenbrug grass extends beyond its nutritional prowess; it is a flexible addition to your feeding regimen. Whether feeding strategies involving cut-and-carry, ensiling, or grazing, Barenbrug provides solutions that fit your farm like a glove. With minimal intervention, you can seamlessly incorporate Barenbrug grass into your dairy's diet and reap the rewards of improved herd health and productivity.

The Scientifically Paved Path to Grazing Glory

For those managing a grazing dairy, Barenbrug’s DairyMaster Pro mix is a game-changer. Scientifically tailored to the nutritional needs of high-producing dairy cows, DairyMaster Pro offers both quality and quantity, fostering the balance necessary for optimal milk yield. When managed correctly, this blend ensures that every grazing session is a step toward a healthier, more productive herd.

Dairy cows grazing


Barenbrug Grass: The Surefire Investment in Your Herd

In a realm where margins are often as slender as a wisp of hay, Barenbrug grass stands as an investment that bears both immediate and long-term fruit. Whether you measure your dairy's success by milk volume or component quality, the inclusion of Barenbrug grass in your cows’ diet promises increased yield and, in turn, a more substantial milk check. Expect not only more milk but also a decrease in health issues that lead to fewer culls and a more robust, efficient herd overall.

Barenbrug understands that every bell-ring of a milk pail is a testament to the success and livelihood of dairy farmers. By placing the quality and health of your herd at the forefront, Barenbrug grass sets the stage for a narrative of dairy farm prosperity and sustainability. The decision to feed your cows with Barenbrug grass is more than just business strategy; it’s a commitment to the heart and soul of dairy farming. It’s an approach that not only benefits your bottom line but also gives those you care for—a fine herd and a historic tradition—the tools they need to thrive.

Feeling the urge to graze in greener pastures with Barenbrug grass? Your cows are, too. Make the switch, plant the seed, and watch your dairy's success grow. The lush fields of opportunity beckon, and Barenbrug is the compass to guide you there.


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