Meadow Fescue
  • High yielding
  • Digestible
  • Disease resistant
  • High energy
Nutrifiber 50lb bag

Experience the Difference with HDR Meadow Fescue

High-Yield, Digestible, and Disease-Resistant Grass for Livestock Farmers

Welcome to a new era in livestock farming with HDR Meadow Fescue—a carefully crafted blend designed to meet the high demands of dairy and beef producers. This isn't just grass; it's a game-changer for your pasture.

Why Choose HDR Meadow Fescue?

High Yield

HDR Meadow Fescue is known for its exceptional yields. Developed to thrive in North America's continental climate, it ensures that your pasture remains productive through the hottest summers and coldest winters. Imagine the peace of mind knowing you have a reliable, high-yielding grass that keeps your livestock well-fed year-round.

Superior Digestibility

Digestibility is crucial for livestock health and productivity. HDR Meadow Fescue offers high energy content, making it easier for your dairy and beef cattle to digest and convert into milk and meat. By choosing HDR, you're not just feeding your animals; you're nurturing their health and boosting their productivity.

Unmatched Disease Resistance

Say goodbye to the constant worry of grass diseases. HDR Meadow Fescue contains the most disease-resistant varieties on the market. This means healthier pastures, reduced need for chemical interventions, and more time focusing on what truly matters—your livestock.

Perfect Companion for Alfalfa and Clover

HDR Meadow Fescue establishes quickly and pairs wonderfully with other legumes like alfalfa, red clover, and white clover. This synergy not only enhances the nutritional value of your pasture but also improves soil health, leading to a more sustainable farming ecosystem.

Thrive in Any Climate

Designed to withstand the extremes of North America's climate, HDR Meadow Fescue is your go-to choice for maintaining a lush, productive pasture regardless of the weather conditions. From scorching summers to freezing winters, this blend is resilient and dependable.