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  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Very dense, persistant stand = better weed control
  • Fine stems
  • Upright growth
  • Nematode resistance package
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Discover the Power of AlfaBar Alfalfa

Welcome to a world where your livestock thrives, and your crops flourish. AlfaBar Alfalfa isn't just another forage; it's a game-changer for livestock farmers looking to maximize their yield and improve the quality of their grazing and hay production.

Why Choose AlfaBar Alfalfa?

AlfaBar is an exciting combination of our top three alfalfa varieties. Whether you need a dependable solution for grazing or superb quality hay, AlfaBar is here to elevate your farming experience. Below are the key features that make AlfaBar a standout choice:

Key Features and Benefits

Branch Roots

  • Persistence in Challenging Conditions: AlfaBar's branch roots ensure better production even in poorly drained soils. This means you won't have to worry about waterlogged fields anymore.
  • Enhanced Soil Health: These roots help maintain soil integrity, making your field more resilient over time.

Sunken Crown

  • Protection from Hoof Traffic: The sunken crown design protects the plant from high animal hoof traffic, ensuring your stand remains robust and healthy.
  • Winter Insulation: It also insulates the crown during severe winter weather, so you can rest easy knowing your crop is protected year-round.

Rhizomatous Stems

  • Increased Productivity: These unique stems branch out and develop new crowns, creating a more productive stand that will continuously benefit your livestock.
  • Long-Term Gain: The rhizomatous nature of these stems ensures long-term stand longevity, giving you more bang for your buck.

How AlfaBar Enhances Your Farm

Imagine a lush, green field filled with nutrient-rich AlfaBar Alfalfa, supporting your livestock through every season. Not only will your animals benefit from high-quality forage, but you'll also notice improved soil health and stand durability, making your farming operations smoother and more efficient.

Join the Pinpoint™ Family

AlfaBar is part of our renowned Pinpoint™ family of products, known for precision and reliability. By choosing AlfaBar, you’re joining a community dedicated to advanced forage solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of modern cattle operations.