Red Clover Field


Red Clover
  • Large leaves and rapid establishment
  • Drought and heat tolerant
  • Survived as a biennial in the northern Florida trials
  • Fixes nitrogen, reducing fertilization costs
  • Coated with Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed coating
pinpoint bag 25 lbs

Barduro™ Red Clover: Resilient, High-Yield Forage Solution

Welcome to a new era of forage solutions with Barduro™ Red Clover. Crafted with the needs of cattle and dairy operations in mind, Barduro sets the standard for durability, yield, and versatility. Discover why Barduro Red Clover is the perfect choice for your pastures.

Why Choose Barduro Red Clover?

Exceptional Hardiness and Durability

Barduro Red Clover earned its name for a reason. This resilient forage crop demonstrated outstanding durability during the worst droughts in the last century at the Auburn Extension Research Center in Crossville, Alabama. While other clovers failed, Barduro thrived, making it a reliable option even in the harshest conditions.

Superior Drought and Heat Tolerance

Whether you have dry or sloped pastures, Barduro’s exceptional drought and heat tolerance ensure it remains robust and productive. Its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions makes it the ideal choice for maintaining high-quality forage throughout the year.

Competitive and Versatile

Barduro excels in stands of fescue, orchardgrass, and bermudagrass, proving itself an excellent choice for overseeding pastures. Research data from trial locations in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana show Barduro’s high yield potential, making it perfect for both hay production and grazing.

High Yield Potential

Thanks to its persistent nature, Barduro Red Clover promises an impressive yield. This makes it not only a resilient choice but also a highly efficient one, providing substantial forage for your cattle and dairy operations.

Key Features of Barduro Red Clover

  • Large Leaves: Ensuring maximum photosynthesis and growth.
  • Rapid Establishment: Get your pastures productive quickly.
  • Drought & Heat Tolerant: Thrives in extreme weather conditions.
  • Yellow Jacket® Enhanced Seed Coating: Ensures healthy plant establishment.

Technical Information


Barduro clover pairs perfectly with cool-season perennial grasses like perennial ryegrass, orchardgrass, and tall fescue, as well as select warm-season grasses such as bermudagrass. It is ideally suited for grazing and hay production, providing a versatile solution for your operation.


Barduro can be broadcast or drilled shallow into a prepared seed bed or directly over-seeded into a grass sward. Both spring and fall planting are viable options, with fall planting recommended at least 8 weeks before a killing frost. Pre-inoculated and coated with Yellow Jacket®, Barduro ensures optimal water absorption and plant establishment.

Seeding Rate

  • Companion with Grass: 8–10 lbs/acre
  • Over-Seeding into Grass: 8–12 lbs/acre

Nitrogen Fixation

Legumes like Barduro produce nitrogen, reducing fertilization costs. For maximum nitrogen fixation, ensure the seed is properly inoculated to introduce the necessary rhizobium bacteria into the soil.


For optimal forage yield and stand persistence:

  • Establishment Year: Harvest before the full-bloom stage.
  • Established Stand: First cut at early-bloom stage and subsequent harvests at late-bud or early-bloom stage.
  • Conditions: Avoid harvesting under hot, dry conditions or too close to the first freeze to maintain stand longevity.