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Premium Red Clover
  • High yielding
  • Low pubescence, faster drying, and reduced dustiness
  • High forage quality - palatable and nutritious
  • Improved winter-hardiness and persistence
  • Fixes nitrogen- reducing fertilizer costs
  • Available with Yellow Jacket enhanced seed coating
pinpoint bag 25 lbs

Why Choose Freedom Red Clover?

Say hello to Freedom!, the red clover designed with livestock farmers in mind. Developed exclusively for Barenbrug USA, Freedom! is the latest innovation in hay production, offering you unparalleled benefits that make your farming life easier and more productive.

Key Benefits of Freedom Red Clover

Faster Drying

  • Freedom from Pubescence: Unlike traditional red clovers, Freedom! has significantly less pubescence, which means it dries faster in the field. No more waiting around or worrying about untimely rainfall ruining your hard-earned crop.

Improved Hay Quality

  • Reduced Dustiness: Less pubescence means less dust. This improvement not only enhances the quality of your hay but also improves air quality, making it healthier for you and your livestock.

Versatile Usage

  • Ideal for Hay Production: Research points to Freedom! as an excellent choice for hay production, thanks to its unique attributes.
  • Perfect for Grazing and Silage: Freedom! is not just for hay; it’s also well-suited for grazing and silage, offering you flexibility in how you use it.


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