Field of BarOptima Plus E34.

BarOptima +E34

Tall Fescue Containing a Beneficial Endophyte
  • Safe
  • Persistent
  • Healthy reproduction
  • Reduced vet costs
  • Stress-free pasture management
  • Increased intake
  • High digestibility
  • Late heading
  • Increased average daily gain
Generic forage 50lb bag

Introducing BarOptima® +E34® - The Future of Forage Tall Fescue

Are you looking to revolutionize your forage game? BarOptima® +E34® is the answer. This high-energy, high-yielding tall fescue variety is a game-changer for cattle and dairy farmers. Bred with the revolutionary beneficial endophyte, E34, from our innovative Get PLUS concept, BarOptima® +E34® is also a proud member of our Pinpoint™ family of products.

Eight Year Old Field of BarOptima plus E34.
Eight year field of BarOptima +E34 still persisting!

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Key Features of BarOptima® +E34®

  • Soft Leaf Tall Fescue: Ensures high palatability for your livestock, making it an excellent choice for grazing.
  • Beneficial Endophyte: The revolutionary endophyte significantly increases persistence, ensuring long-lasting forage supply.
  • Increases Average Daily Gain: With BarOptima® +E34®, watch your livestock thrive with improved daily weight gain.

The Evolution of Forage Grasses

Traditionally, forage grasses have been evaluated based on yield and persistence. At Barenbrug, we take it a step further by emphasizing the importance of forage quality. After all, the quality of forage directly impacts animal performance and, ultimately, your profits.

With years of dedicated research, Barenbrug has successfully merged all three essential traits - yield, persistence, and forage quality - into a single product: BarOptima® +E34®. This cutting-edge technology sets a new standard in forage production, ensuring optimal performance for your livestock.

BarOp - Microscope

BarOptima +E34 represents Barenbrug’s commitment to the livestock industry and a program of Total Forage Quality (TFQ).

Technical Information 

Advantages Over Kentucky 31

BarOptima +E34 has multiple advantages over Kentucky 31 and other tall fescues. These advantages are best characterized by the words Safe, Sustainable and Profitable. To assure these advantages are delivered to our producers, maintaining seed quality is the highest priority for Barenbrug. 


Animals grazing on BarOptima +E34 are significantly healthier than cattle grazing on toxic Kentucky 31. These healthy cattle have ­normal body temperatures and will spend more time in the field grazing as compared to cattle grazing on infected Kentucky 31 pastures resulting in an elevated body temperature. These cattle are spending valuable time standing idle in shade or cooling in water. More grazing time corresponds to ­better weight gains.


There are many endophyte-free tall fescues on the market, but under extreme growing conditions they do not persist under ­grazing. BarOptima +E34 will persist and provide premium feed in stressful environments. 

Kentucky 31 may be persistent in extreme conditions, but its harmful ­alkaloids can cause low reproductive rates and inhibit milk production in beef grazing cows. BarOptima +E34 will persist in extreme ­conditions, improve reproductive rates, increase­­ the weaning weights of nursing calves, and reduce supplemental feed costs. 


Cattle feeding on BarOptima +E34 pastures are healthier due to its beneficial endophyte, thus reducing health-related costs. They graze longer and have higher intakes than cattle on Kentucky 31 pastures. The soft leaves of ­BarOptima +E34 improve the palatability and grazing preference ­of the pasture. Higher energy due to better fiber digestibility of forage makes BarOptima +E34 the ­ultimate choice for ­pastures on progressive cattle ranches. 

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