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The Dryland Mix for Low Rainfall areas
  • Fills grazing holes
  • Allows later turnout onto native pasture-promoting better health of native pastures
  • Reduced hay feeding, lowering feed costs
  • Higher production in less than full season irrigation situations
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For Ranchers Who Want to Thrive, Even in Dryland

Navigating the challenges of ranching in low rainfall areas requires not just resilience but also innovation. That's where Barricaide: The Dryland Mix comes into play, offering a beacon of hope and a promise of sustainability for ranchers facing the harsh realities of dryland farming.

At Barenbrug, we understand that the line between barely getting by and flourishing can often be seen in the amount of hay fed through the winter months. That's why we've developed Barricaide—to help you cross that line with confidence and grace.

Designed with Your Ranch in Mind

Barricaide is more than just a seed mix; it's a tailored solution for producers eager to align their cow herd's production cycle with the natural rhythms of their land. This meticulously crafted mix opens up grazing opportunities in fall, winter, and spring, paving the way for you to significantly cut down on winter hay feeding. The result? A thriving native range that welcomes your cattle to greener pastures come summer.

The Secret Behind Barricaide’s Success

What makes Barricaide stand out? It's all in the coating. Enhanced with Barenbrug's exclusive Yellow Jacket brand seed coating, Barricaide seeds are capable of absorbing nearly 600 times their weight in water. This remarkable feature ensures improved seed-to-soil contact, fostering better establishment even in the less-than-ideal moisture conditions typical of dryland regions.

Why Choose Barricaide?

  • Minimize Winter Hay Feeding: By providing abundant fall, winter, and spring grazing, Barricaide helps you save on hay without compromising your herd's health.
  • Improve Range Health: Allow your native pastures to flourish and regenerate by delaying turnout onto summer pasture, ensuring your land remains productive and sustainable for years to come.
  • Optimized for Dryland: With the Yellow Jacket seed coating, Barricaide is uniquely equipped to thrive in marginal moisture conditions, offering you peace of mind during dry spells.

Join the Range Shield™ Forage Concept

Barricaide is a proud part of Barenbrug's Range Shield™ forage concept, a testament to our commitment to providing ranchers with solutions that protect and enhance their rangeland. By choosing Barricaide, you're not just selecting a seed mix; you're opting for a partner in your ranch's ongoing success story.