Dryland Pasture Mixture for Low-Mid Rainfall Areas
  • Works well in low-mid percipitation zones (18-30 inches)
  • Greens-up early
  • Enhanced persistence
  • Tolerant to environmental stress
  • Superior plant vigor and yields
  • Disease tolerant
Generic forage 50lb bag

Renegaide Dryland Pasture Mixture: Thrive, Even in the Toughest Conditions

Welcome to a New Era of Pasture Management

For cattle operations in low rainfall areas, achieving lush, productive pastures can be a constant challenge. This is where Renegaide steps in, turning the tide with its specially formulated dryland pasture mixture. Designed with care and precision, this blend promises robust growth and vitality, even when conditions are less than ideal.

Why Choose Renegaide?

Tailored for Tough Environments

Renegaide is not just another seed mixture; it’s a solution crafted for resilience. Whether you’re establishing new pastures or inter-seeding into existing ranges, Renegaide adapts seamlessly to low-mid rainfall areas. It even thrives in regions with limited irrigation, like those dependent on spring runoff.

Cutting-Edge Varieties for Superior Performance

Renegaide combines newly developed varieties, each selected for their superior adaptability and performance:

  • Ammo™ Orchardgrass: Known for its vigor and persistence.
  • Arsenal™ Meadow Brome: Offers excellent forage quality.
  • Artillery™ Smooth Brome: Reliable and drought-resistant.
  • Armory™ Tall Fescue: Highly drought-tolerant, ensuring robust growth.
  • Hamann™ Creeping Wheatgrass: Developed in collaboration with USDA-ARS for exceptional results.

Enhanced with Yellow Jacket Seed Coating

Our exclusive Yellow Jacket coating is a game-changer. This innovative seed enhancement absorbs nearly 600 times its weight in water, ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact. It maintains a moisture layer around the developing seedling, vastly improving establishment under marginal conditions. This means your pastures establish faster and grow stronger, even when soil moisture is less than optimal.

Part of Barenbrug's Range Shield™ Forage Concept

Renegaide is an integral part of Barenbrug's Range Shield™ forage concept, which is dedicated to improving pasture resilience and productivity. By choosing Renegaide, you're not just planting seeds; you're investing in a more sustainable and productive future for your cattle operation.