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Forb Feast

Southern Chicory Blend
  • Bolts later than Puna
  • Perfect pasture supplement
  • Survives in areas where clovers fail
  • Deep rooted and very drought tolerant
  • Anti-parasitic properties, enhancing animal health
  • Great for extending grazing into summer
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Transform Your Pasture with Forb Feast Chicory

Is your pasture in need of a nutritious, sustainable boost? Meet Forb Feast Chicory—a high-quality, reduced bolting chicory blend that cattle farmers trust for superior feed value and health benefits.

Why Forb Feast Chicory?

Key Benefits:

  • High Feed Value: Reduced bolting ensures maximum leafiness, providing an excellent source of digestible energy, protein, and minerals.
  • Anti-Parasitic Properties: Chicory has been shown to reduce parasite activity in small ruminants, promoting healthier livestock.
  • Proven Performance: Trusted in livestock and wildlife programs, Forb Feast boasts excellent persistence and production even under extreme heat and moisture stress.
  • Winter-Hardiness: Withstands harsh winter conditions, ensuring your pasture remains productive year-round.
  • Versatile Integration: Ideal for mixture with both warm and cool season grasses and legumes, making it a versatile component in your pasture management.

What Makes Forb Feast Different?

Forb Feast Chicory is part of our PinPoint family of products, specifically designed to meet the high energy needs of growing and lactating animals. Its deep taproot allows for later summer grazing, providing sustenance even during droughts.

Exceptional Nutritional Profile

  • Energy-Rich: Packed with digestible energy, Forb Feast supports the high metabolic demands of your livestock.
  • Protein-Packed: High in protein, it promotes muscle growth and overall health.
  • Mineral-Dense: Provides essential minerals that are crucial for livestock well-being.

Health Benefits

  • Reduced Parasite Load: Anti-parasitic properties help keep your livestock healthier and more productive.
  • High Palatability: Loved by livestock, ensuring they get the nutrients they need without fuss.

Join the Pinpoint™ Family

Forb Feast is part of our renowned Pinpoint™ family of products, known for precision and reliability. By choosing Forb Feast, you’re joining a community dedicated to advanced forage solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of modern cattle operations.