cover crop


Grow now, graze later!
  • For summer slump or early winter feed
  • High energy (80% TDN, 0.8 Nel), 30% crude protein stored feed
  • Low seed costs, high return
pinpoint bag 25 lbs

Why Choose Barkant Turnip? 

Welcome to the ultimate foraging solution designed specifically for cattle and dairy farmers looking for a superior alternative to traditional fodder. Introducing Barkant Turnip, a breakthrough in forage turnips that brings together robust leaf production, exceptional yields, and excellent nutritional benefits that your herd will love.

High Yields, Exceptional Growth

  • Get up to 4-6 tons/acre of dry matter with Barkant's vigorous top growth.
  • Optimized for 60-90 days crop maturity for timely and efficient field rotations.

Superior Nutritional Content

  • High sugar content for winter hardiness and the tastiest, most palatable grazing experience.
  • Keep your herd nourished during the colder months when other feed might be scarce.

Unmatched Convenience

  • Easy to harvest with 50% of its purple tankard bulb above soil level.
  • Simplify your livestock feeding process and save valuable time and labor.

Durability and Resistance

cows grazing
  • A diploid genotype that resists bolting and stands strong against diseases.
  • A resilient grazing option that thrives in diverse conditions and management systems.

Pasture Renovation & Sustainability

  • Barkant is an optimal break crop for pasture renovation, ensuring your land remains healthy and fertile.
  • A part of the Pinpoint and CoverGraze™ families of products, integrating seamlessly into sustainable farming practices.

Join the PinPoint Family

Pinpoint, Barenbrug’s Forage Delivery System, is the cost-effective solution for seasonal feed supply challenges. The Pinpoint family of products work together as a system. This system helps increase profitability by lowering feed cost and reducing stress on the operation. Pinpoint products help producers achieve the goal of grazing for 300+ days out of the year.