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Yellow Jacket Coated Crabgrass
  • Now Including Impact from The Noble Research Institute
  • High quality summer feed
  • Quick drought recovery
  • Widely adapted
  • Easy to establish
  • High yielding summer annual
  • Premium Crabgrass Seed Mixture
Generic forage 50lb bag

Get Your Mojo Back: Transform Your Pasture with Mojo Crabgrass

Welcome to Barenbrug USA, where we understand the needs of dedicated cattle farmers like you. We're excited to introduce Mojo Crabgrass, a game-changer in summer forage that promises not only to enhance your pasture but also to improve the health and productivity of your livestock.

Why Choose Mojo Crabgrass?

When the hot, dry months challenge your pasture's productivity, Mojo Forage Crabgrass Seed steps in as your reliable solution. Here’s why Mojo is a must-have for your farm:

1. High-Quality Forage

Mojo Crabgrass offers high digestibility (up to 73% NDFd) and substantial crude protein content:

  • Early Season: 25-30%
  • Mid-Summer: 15-20%
  • Late Season: 10%

This variety ensures your cattle receive the nutrition they need throughout the summer.

2. Exceptional Yield

With Mojo, expect abundant growth that translates to excellent grazing and haying opportunities. The robust yield helps maintain a healthy, productive pasture even during the challenging summer months.

3. Broad Adaptation

Mojo Crabgrass thrives in various climates, from Nebraska to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for diverse farming conditions.

Experience the Impact Difference

Maturity difference (14 Days) between Red River (left) and Impact (right). Ardmore, OK 2012. Plots sown on the same day.

Mojo now includes Impact crabgrass, a later-maturing cultivar released by the Noble Research Institute. Impact provides:

  • Extended Grazing: Matures 14 days later than Red River, offering extended grazing periods.
  • Improved Nutritive Quality: High-yielding with better nutritional value.
  • Good Reseeding Ability: Ensures continued productivity year after year.

Planting & Management Made Simple

We’ve made it easy for you to get the most out of Mojo Crabgrass. Follow these straightforward steps for optimal results:

Mojo forage crabgrass height.

Spring Planting

  1. Prepare the Ground: Discing and harrowing in spring, firm the soil until a footprint leaves a 1/2" deep impression.
  2. Plant Shallow: When soil temperatures reach 50ºF, use a drill or seeder with a small seed box. A grain drill can also work.
  3. Apply Nitrogen: Once stolons form, apply 50 to 100 lb N/acre.
  4. Grazing: Start grazing when the grass reaches 6 to 8 inches.

Fall Broadcasting with Small Grains

  1. Plant Small Grains: Rye, wheat, or triticale in the fall.
  2. Broadcast Seed Mixture: 5 to 7 lb of seed and fertilizer from March through May.
  3. Graze Out: Utilize the small grain pasture.
  4. Fertilize: Apply 50 to 100 lb N/acre.
  5. Begin Grazing: When the grass reaches 6 to 8 inches, practice rotational grazing for maximum benefit.
  6. Additional Fertilization: Apply as needed based on precipitation.

Join the Pinpoint™ Family

Mojo is part of our renowned Pinpoint™ family of products, known for precision and reliability. By choosing Mojo, you’re joining a community dedicated to advanced forage solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of modern cattle operations.