White Clover
  • Large Leafed
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Palatable
  • Winter Hardy
  • OverGraze Protection
  • Preferred by livestock & wildlife
pinpoint bag 25 lbs

Discover RegalGraze White Clover: The Ideal Choice for Livestock Farmers

Welcome to a new era in cattle pasture management. RegalGraze White Clover, our high-yielding Ladino clover, is here to revolutionize your pastures and significantly boost your cattle's forage intake. Let’s dive into why RegalGraze should be your top choice for a productive and thriving farm.

Why Choose RegalGraze White Clover?

Exceptional Forage Yield

Think of RegalGraze as the superfood of pastures. This high-yielding Ladino clover stands out due to its remarkable forage production. Even when conditions get tough, RegalGraze keeps delivering abundant, nutritious forage that your cattle will love.

Superior Grazing Tolerance

Ever feel like your pastures just can’t keep up with your grazing schedule? With RegalGraze, those days are over. Tested by the University of Georgia, this clover demonstrates superior grazing tolerance compared to other Ladino varieties. It’s built to withstand heavy grazing pressure, ensuring your pastures remain lush and productive.

Versatility in Planting

Whether you’re starting fresh or enhancing an existing pasture, RegalGraze fits right in. It can be planted or seeded as part of a mixture with perennial grasses or overseeded into established grass stands. This versatility means you can integrate RegalGraze into your farm without disrupting your current setup.

Pure Quality

RegalGraze boasts a purity that sets it apart. Unlike some white clovers, it contains no anti-quality cyanogenic glucosides, ensuring that every bite your cattle take is safe and beneficial. Plus, it maintains a steady 30% dry matter yield when planted at recommended rates of 3-5 pounds per acre.

Part of the ReNew™ Family

RegalGraze is more than just a clover; it’s part of our ReNew™ family of products. This means you’re not just investing in superior forage but also in sustainable, high-quality solutions designed to renew and enrich your agricultural endeavors.