White Clover
  • Great companion with grasses
  • Large-leaved – High production
  • Winter-hardy – Persistent with vigorous growth
  • High nitrogen fixation – Reduced fertilizer costs
  • High palatability and nutritive value
pinpoint bag 25 lbs

Discover the Power of Alice™ White Clover

Welcome to a new era of agricultural excellence with Alice™ White Clover, the large-leaved, vigorous white clover variety that farmers and graziers around the world trust for superior performance and resilience.

Why Choose Alice™ White Clover?

At Barenbrug, we understand the importance of dependable and high-yielding crops for your farming operation. Alice™ White Clover is specially designed to meet these needs and more. Here’s why Alice™ stands out:

Exceptional Growth and Resilience

Alice™ exhibits a tall growth pattern and large leaves, ensuring robust development across various environments. Known for its winter-hardiness and grazing tolerance, Alice™ thrives even in challenging conditions, providing you with a reliable crop year after year.

Pioneering Production and Persistence

Alice™ was the first white clover variety to successfully combine exceptional production with long-term persistence when interplanted with grass. This means you can count on Alice™ to deliver consistent performance and durability, optimizing your yield and sustainability.

Natural Nitrogen Fixation

One of the remarkable benefits of Alice™ White Clover is its ability to produce its own nitrogen through a symbiotic process with Rhizobium bacteria in the root nodules. This natural nitrogen fixation reduces the need for additional fertilizers, promoting a healthier, more sustainable farming practice that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Unmatched Palatability and Nutritional Value

Alice™ is widely recognized for its high palatability and nutritional value, making it an excellent choice for grazing systems. Your livestock will benefit from the nutrient-rich content of Alice™, leading to better overall health and productivity.