Remington +NEA2™

Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass with Beneficial Endophyte
  • Dense, leafy sward
  • High yields
  • Exceptional palatability and nutritive value
  • Improved winter survival and summer production
  • High disease resistance
  • Persistent
  • Beneficial NEA2 Endophyte
Generic forage 50lb bag

Discover the Power of Remington +NEA2 for Your Ranch

Remington is a high-yielding, high quality tetraploid ryegrass that shares many attributes of diploid types. It was selected in the US for its sward density, high yields and excellent disease resistance. Remington has improved winter tolerance compared to traditional cultivars. It also exhibits improved tolerance to heat and produces longer into the summer than the competition. Available with the addition of the Get PLUS NEA2 beneficial endophyte expands this area of adaptation, allowing it to persist in regions where perennial ryegrass typically dies out due to summer stress.

The Essence of Remington +NEA2

Born from the tried and true Remington perennial ryegrass and enhanced with the revolutionary NEA2 beneficial endophyte, Remington +NEA2 is tailored to meet the needs of the modern cattle rancher. It’s not just grass; it’s the foundation for a healthier herd and a more prosperous ranch.

Why Choose Remington +NEA2?

  • Persistence and Drought Tolerance: With the inclusion of the NEA2 endophyte, Remington +NEA2 is built to withstand the tests of summer stress, offering unparalleled persistence and drought tolerance where other ryegrasses fall short.
  • High Yielding, High Quality: Selected for its sward density and high yields, Remington +NEA2 is a cut above the rest. Its heat tolerance, disease resistance, and improved winter tolerance make it an all-season performer.
  • Exceptional Palatability and Nutrition: The key to a thriving herd is not just any forage, but one that they prefer and that nourishes. Remington +NEA2’s exceptional palatability encourages high dry matter intake, ensuring your cattle are getting the digestible, nutritious forage they need.
  • Adaptation and Versatility: The addition of the NEA2 endophyte not only boosts Remington +NEA2’s resilience but also expands its area of adaptation, making it suitable for regions previously inhospitable to perennial ryegrass.

A Promise from Our Ranch to Yours

At Barenbrug, we’re more than just seed suppliers. We know the land, we know the challenges, and most importantly, we know what your cattle need to not just survive but to flourish. That’s why we stand behind Remington +NEA2, a product designed with the well-being of your herd and the prosperity of your ranch in mind.

Are you ready to see the difference Remington +NEA2 can make on your ranch? Together, let’s cultivate a future where every blade of grass on your ranch is a step towards greater success.