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Annual Ryegrass
  • High forage production
  • Withstands high grazing pressure
  • Excellent forage quality
  • Rust resistant
  • Cold tolerant
  • Earlier production
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Ribeye Annual Ryegrass: Your Pasture’s Perfect Partner

At Barenbrug, we understand that the health and productivity of your cattle are top priorities. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Ribeye Annual Ryegrass, a new diploid variety bred specifically for overseeding pastures in the South. With Ribeye, you’ll experience superior yields, excellent cold tolerance, and an early-maturing variety that meets your forage demands right when you need it most.

Why Choose Ribeye Annual Ryegrass?

Superior Yields

Ribeye is the number one rated variety in several test locations throughout the South. Its exceptional yields ensure that you get more forage per acre, maximizing your pasture’s productivity and boosting your herd's performance.

Excellent Cold Tolerance

Don’t let cold snaps hold back your pasture’s potential. Ribeye’s excellent cold tolerance means your forage remains robust and reliable, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Early Maturity

Timing is everything. Ribeye Annual Ryegrass matures early, providing high-quality forage right at the start of spring when your cattle need it most. It’s designed to align with your feeding schedule, ensuring your herd never goes hungry.

Outstanding Animal Performance

The quality of Ribeye translates directly into exceptional animal performance. Whether you’re focused on beef or milk production, Ribeye’s nutrient-rich forage supports healthy growth and optimal yield, keeping your herd in peak condition.

Disease Resistance

Rust can be a significant problem in ryegrass pastures, but not with Ribeye. This variety boasts good rust resistance, ensuring your pasture remains healthy and productive throughout its growing season.

Part of Our Pinpoint™ and CoverGraze™ Product Families

Ribeye Annual Ryegrass is part of Barenbrug's trusted Pinpoint™ and CoverGraze™ families. These product lines are known for their reliability and effectiveness, offering you solutions that meet the specific needs of your land and livestock.