Super 10

Super 10

Berseem Clover
  • High quality forage for grazing
  • Highly palatable & up to 18-28% crude protein
  • Can produce large amounts of biomass
  • Contains our top variety of annual berseem clover. This cultivar traces back to Bigbee
pinpoint bag 25 lbs

Super 10 Berseem Clover — The Forage That Does More

Imagine a forage crop that not only provides high-quality, low-bloat potential feed for your livestock but also enhances your soil's fertility. With Super 10 Berseem Clover, you get early forage production that’s both nutritious and soil-enriching.

Start your forage transformation today with Super 10!

Why Choose Super 10 Berseem Clover?

Early Forage Production

Super 10 Berseem Clover promises early and multiple cuttings, ensuring you have a steady supply of high-quality forage throughout the growing season.

High Nutritional Value

This annual legume is highly palatable and loved by all livestock and wildlife. Its nutritional profile offers a balanced diet, contributing to healthier and more productive animals.

Boost Your Soil Health

Super 10 fixes nitrogen in the soil, acting as an excellent green manure crop. Its fast growth characteristics improve soil structure and fertility, benefiting subsequent crops.

Excellent Seedling Vigor

With most plants establishing large crowns, Super 10 showcases outstanding seedling vigor. This means quicker establishment and rapid recovery after cutting, ensuring continuous production.


Adapted to high temperatures and well-suited for virtually all US states, Super 10 thrives best in medium-loam soils that are slightly alkaline.

Key Characteristics

  • Oblong Leaflets & Hollow Stems
  • Upright Growth
  • Yellowish White Flowers
  • Multiple Cuttings
  • Rapid Recovery Post-Cutting

Field Advantages

  • Rapid Growth
  • High Yield Potential
  • Low Bloat Risk

Areas of Adaptation

Whether you’re in the Midwest or the sunny South, Super 10 Berseem Clover fits right into your farm. Its adaptability makes it a versatile choice for various climates and soil types, particularly medium-loam soils that are slightly alkaline.