High quality bridge forage for the summer
  • Multiple grazing brassica with a bulb
  • High energy (80% TDN, 0.8 Nel), 30% crude protein stored feed
  • High leaf to bulb ratio
pinpoint bag 25 lbs

Transform Your Pasture with T-Raptor Forage Rape

Welcome, cattle farmers! At Barenbrug, we understand that providing consistent, high-quality feed for your livestock is paramount. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the T-Raptor Hybrid Forage Rape—your solution for optimal, year-round grazing.

Why Choose T-Raptor?

Superior Grazing Performance

The T-Raptor Hybrid Forage Rape is specially designed for multi-graze use, making it a reliable and efficient choice for your pasture. Unlike forage turnips like Barkant, T-Raptor Hybrid boasts a higher proportion of leaves to bulbs, providing richer, more nutritious feed in every bite.

Quick Growth, Early Maturity

Timing is everything in farming, and T-Raptor delivers with fast growth and early maturity. Ready for the first grazing just 50-70 days after planting (at a rate of 3.5 to 4.0 lb/acre), T-Raptor enables you to maximize your grazing schedule effectively.

Consistent Monthly Grazing

Under good management, T-Raptor can be grazed monthly, ensuring that your cattle have a steady supply of supplemental feed. This consistency supports better weight gain and overall health for your livestock.

Ideal for Summer Feeding

Summer can be challenging when cool-season pastures slow down. T-Raptor Hybrid thrives when planted from early spring through summer, providing an essential supplemental feed during those slower production months.

Part of the Pinpoint™ Family

T-Raptor is proudly part of our Pinpoint™ family of products, known for their precision and performance in forage solutions. With Pinpoint™, you get the assurance of quality and reliability that Barenbrug stands behind.