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  • Excellent drought tolerance means these grasses will stay productive with minimal moisture.
  • Quick germination and establishment with our proprietary Yellow Jacket® technology.
  • Contributes to healthier animals and a more prosperous pasture.
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Transform Your Pastures with PastureRX

PastureRX is your trusted partner in delivering lush, nutrient-rich pastures. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a passionate hobbyist, we understand the heart and soul you pour into your land. Our mission is to support your journey with the highest quality forage grasses to benefit your operation. 

Why Choose PastureRX?

Unmatched Quality Grass and Legume Seed: At Barenbrug, we believe in the power of quality. Our expertly curated grass and legume seed blends are designed to thrive in diverse conditions, ensuring robust growth and rich pastures. With PastureRX, you’re investing in a solution that promotes healthy soil, increased forage yield, and resilient plant life.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need: Every field tells a unique story, and we’re here to help yours flourish. PastureRX caters to various climates and soil types, offering solutions that align with your agronomic goals. From rejuvenating worn-out pastures to establishing new fields, PastureRX provides the foundation for success.

Supporting Farmers & Hobbyists Alike: We’re committed to supporting every level of farming, from professional operations to smaller-scale hobby farms. 

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The PastureRX Advantage

Enhanced Nutritional Value: Great pastures make for healthier livestock. Our specially formulated grass and legume seeds improve the nutritional content of your forage, leading to better weight gain and overall animal health. Watch your livestock thrive as they graze on the superior pasture created with PastureRX.

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Sustainable Farming Practices: We care about the future of farming. PastureRX is dedicated to sustainable practices that conserve resources and promote environmental health. Our grass and legume seeds are optimized for efficient water usage, enhanced soil structure, and reduced erosion, helping you maintain a sustainable and productive farm. 

Easy Application & Maintenance: Time is precious, and we’ve designed PastureRX to be as user-friendly as possible. With straightforward application instructions and minimal maintenance requirements, you can focus more on enjoying the benefits of your thriving pastures and less on the labor.

The Barenbrug Difference

Join the community of successful farmers and ranchers who trust Barenbrug for their forage seed needs. Explore our product range and discover how we can help you cultivate the lush, vibrant pastures your operation needs. 


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