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Drought Destroyer

Tall Fescue & Kentucky Bluegrass mixture
  • Dark green lawn, fast
  • Healthy lawn, healthy planet
  • Resistant to drought
  • Developed for exceptional drought tolerance
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We understand the challenges you face to keep lawns vibrant when every drop of water counts. That's why we poured our passion into developing Drought Destroyer – a breakthrough grass mix meticulously engineered to thrive, even in the harshest, most unforgiving conditions.

Rigorous Testing, Proven Results

Across numerous trials at independent research facilities and universities nationwide, Drought Destroyer consistently demonstrated remarkable tolerance for both acute and chronic drought stress. We left no stone unturned in our mission to create a grass that doesn't just survive drought, but retains its lush, inviting color. The result? A lawn that remains the envy of the neighborhood, even when water is scarce.

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The Drought Destroyer Difference:

  • Exceptional Drought Tolerance: Carefully selected varieties combine to create a robust, resilient lawn that laughs in the face of drought.
  • Fast Establishment: Watch as your Drought Destroyer lawn rapidly takes root, thanks to our finely-tuned blend of quick-establishing cultivars.
  • Lasting, Deep Green Color: Drought Destroyer is designed to maintain its rich, captivating color, even when other lawns have long since faded.
  • Reduced Water Requirements: With Drought Destroyer, you can significantly cut back on irrigation while still enjoying a lawn that looks and feels luxurious.

Combining our decades of turfgrass expertise with an unwavering commitment to your success, we've created a product that revolutionizes drought-resistant landscaping. Drought Destroyer empowers you to deliver stunning results for your clients, cementing your reputation as a landscaper who triumphs over adversity.

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