Golf course on the coast under a cloudy sky.

Dunes Mix

Fine Fescue Mixture
  • High quality with minimal fertility requirements
  • Capable of close mowing heights, from greens height to rough-cut, or even a naturalized no-mow application
  • Grows in deep shade to full sun
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Create the "Dunes" Look

Craft the picturesque fairways and greens so beloved by golfers globally with Dunes Mix—a testament to fine fescue grass seed excellence.

Imagine stepping onto a course that echoes the hallowed grounds of St. Andrews or the coastal majesty of Bandon Dunes. It's where every drive, chip, and putt is accompanied by the whisper of the wind through fine, dense fescues. With our superior blend, this sensation isn't just a dream—it becomes a lush reality for your course.

beautiful golf course under clear blue sky.
Dunes Mix performing at Bandon Dunes

Why Choose Dunes Mix?

Low-Input, High-Quality

Your course can embody grandeur without the grand input of resources. With minimal fertility requirements, Dunes Mix thrives to deliver top-tier quality, leaving you more time to focus on what you love—perfecting your course's experience.

Versatility in Height

Whether you seek the manicured elegance of closely mown greens or the wild beauty of no-mow naturalization, our grass seed stands the test. From greens height to the graceful billowing of a rough-cut, the adaptability of Dunes Mix caters to your artistic vision.

Sun or Shade—It Grows

Every part of your golf course—bathed in sunlight or shrouded in the contemplative shadow of ancient trees—will flourish beautifully. Dunes Mix is designed to prosper in a spectrum of light conditions, ensuring seamless elegance across your landscape.

The Barenbrug Promise

Steeped in trust and innovation, Barenbrug's Dunes Mix embodies the finest of Chewing's Fescue and Slender Creeping Red Fescue. You’re not simply choosing a product; you’re inheriting generations of Barenbrug's commitment to unparalleled quality.

Blending modern improvements with traditional resilience, Dunes Mix emerges as not only a choice but a long-term partner in your quest for golfing perfection. Recently enhanced genetics promise you a tapestry of turf that is denser, with a texture so fine it's palpable underfoot, and an increased resilience against the trials of drought and disease.

Transform your turf into a legendary landscape.

Join us in crafting your personal piece of golf paradise with Dunes Mix. It's not just about the grass—it's about the heritage, the game, and the love that coils in each swing.

Your course deserves the extraordinary. Your vision deserves Barenbrug.