Rolls of grass sod stacked on a green field with trees and blue sky in background.

HGT® Sod

Quality Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass Sod
  • Engineered for resilience under high-impact activities
  • Outstanding recovery rate from wear and tear
  • Resistant against common turf diseases for a healthier, more sustainable field
  • A rich, deep green color and fine texture
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Discover the Excellence of HGT Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

As a sports field manager, you understand the importance of a resilient, vibrant, and durable turf. Whether it's for soccer, football, or any other high-impact sport, the condition of your field can make all the difference. This is why we are thrilled to introduce you to HGT (Healthy Grass Technology) Kentucky Bluegrass sod – the ultimate solution for maintaining perfect playing surfaces that stand the test of time.

HGT on Wrigley Field
HGT Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Why Choose HGT Kentucky Bluegrass Sod?

Unmatched Durability

HGT Kentucky Bluegrass sod is specifically engineered to thrive under heavy foot traffic and intense sports activities. Its unparalleled durability ensures that your field remains lush and green, game after game. Imagine a turf that can handle the pressure and still look flawless – that’s HGT.

Fast Recovery

One of the standout features of HGT Kentucky Bluegrass is its remarkable recovery rate. Thanks to advanced breeding techniques, this sod quickly repairs itself from wear and tear, minimizing downtime and ensuring your field is ready for action more often. No more worrying about patchy or worn-out areas – HGT rejuvenates swiftly, keeping your field in top-notch condition.

Superior Disease Resistance

Say goodbye to the constant battle against turf diseases. HGT Kentucky Bluegrass sod boasts exceptional resistance to common diseases, reducing the need for chemical treatments and allowing for a healthier, more sustainable field. Your players deserve a safe and vibrant surface, and HGT delivers just that.

Vibrant Color and Texture

Beyond its practical benefits, HGT Kentucky Bluegrass sod offers a rich, deep green color and fine texture that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your sports field. A visually stunning field not only boosts player morale but also leaves a lasting impression on spectators and visitors.

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Certified by A-LIST (Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf)

HGT sod is currently certified with the A-LIST, a non-profit organization that evaluates and promotes turfgrass varieties that require less water, fertilizer, pesticides, and chemicals. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Field?

Give your players the best playing surface possible and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a turf designed to withstand the rigors of competitive sports.

At Barenbrug, we’re passionate about helping you create and maintain fields that players love and fans admire.


Available Exclusively through Members of the Turf Producers Association

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